Why does current need to be the focus

I see every day more and more people in my Twitter time line mentioning no longer having fun playing.  They are bored, too little to do, too much to do, Garrisons are chores.  I am in there too.  I log in to 2 alts, one at 90 just doing a daily Blacksmith cool down, the other at 94, with a level 2 Garrison, that does his Inscription, sends out 2 Missions, and runs the Mine.  They are slow leveling toons, that I take to Darkmoon Fair once a month, or occasionally do Cooking and Fishing Dailies on back in town.  By the time I have gotten to my main a good 15-20 minutes has gone by.  Not a great deal of time really.  Then I log in with my main, he runs the full Garrison gauntlet, 8-9 Mission turn ins, down to the Salvage Yard to open boxes, look at what Follower upgrades I can make, hit my Profession buildings, back up to the Town Hall, send the followers back out, run the Garden, run the Mine, and about 25 minutes later I am looking at what to do.  So about 45 minutes of my 3 hour evening is gone.

Now not everyone is a Guild Leader so will not need to take an extra 15 minutes of their night giving the log a look over, going through requests to join, looking at who may have left overnight.  But pretty much that is my first hour every day.

If I decide to run a wing of LFR, I could possibly have a 45 minute wait, if I want to venture in to Ashran, I could have a 45 minute wait.  Now I suppose I could queue up first then work on the daily chores, but I have a system in my head on doing tasks and have forgotten to send followers out when the queue pops up.

I rarely venture out to the other zones, I see quests pop up in my Garrison to go do this, or go collect that.  I did manage some how to get the 8 mounts from the Stables, but have had no desire to take them back out to do the content over again 6 times on each just for another achievement.  The new quest givers that show up in our town hall are giving quests for either Dungeons, or Raids, or to go to an area the is also a level 100 bonus area.  To all of them I have said pass.  The one quest chain I did try I abandoned on the past step because I spent 15 minutes trying to click on a cauldron along with a line of other people, and when I was not quick enough and lost the buff, spent 15 minutes more getting it back.  When I lost it a 3rd time, I flipped several tables over and just went back to the Garrison, frustrated that I spent more than an hour of my night working on a quest.

I have done all the open wings of LFR, and that is enough.  I see the raids, in Normal, and Heroic.  My wife raids.  I do not have the time to research them like I would have years ago.  I am frustrated at the complex level that my class needs to be played at to even come close to being middle of the road for DPS, I have not done a Heroic dungeon in I don’t even recall how long, because people want to take short cuts.  The amount of time involved to just try to play what is current is mentally draining, and I am reaching a point where I am ready to just walk away from Draenor and not look back.

So instead of letting this bother me, I am going to try to do things with friends, go back to ICC and stomp all the bosses so I can get my selfie on the Frozen Throne, Go back into Ulduaar to get the 24 crystals I need for the Legendary, and go back to cleaning up all of those old achievements that have collected dust for so long.  Why?  Because I will be doing things with friends, doing things that have no meaning to the current game, things that are just fun to do for no reason other than having fun.

I look at the fact we are only 4 months in to what could be a 2 year expansion.  If even I find myself overwhelmed with not having the time to do even odd things like finding treasures am finding it not enjoyable any longer, then I am sure there may be many many more like me.  We all don’t want to get to the end as fast as possible to be faced with 4 levels of raiding, only to see 4 more a month later, then 4 more.  You should not be asking what can we do to make the raids better, you should be asking why aren’t you interested in doing them any longer.

For me, I know they will be here in 6 months, they will be here in a year, I may come back as a level 110 to try them on Normal or Heroic, I may come back to get the reps with the factions, I may come back to have a drink with Nat Pagle, but for now, my focus is going to shift to the old that was enjoyable to do, not the new that is making me dread logging in.


2 thoughts on “Why does current need to be the focus

  1. On the cauldron part of the quest, if you turn off glow it is insanely easy. Type “/console ffxGlow 0” to reduce the fog a lot, then after you complete this step, type “/console ffxGlow 1” to return to your normal graphics setting


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