I hate to say it, but we may need flying

Ok, put away the torches, go on, put them out.  This is not one of those Warlords would be better with flying posts.  Ok maybe it is, just a little.

Right now I have a strong sense things are reaching a tipping point.  I read a lot.  I see a lot of voiced frustrations at how things are, how people feel trapped in the Garrison, that Time, is becoming the ultimate boss to beat.  Myself personally?  I am looking to do more in older content because the time commitment is far less.  Is it because I can fly there?  Not really.  The speed older content can be completed with fewer people is enjoyable.  It is fun to go back to older things that you may have skipped because of the fast pace set by the previous expansion, maybe there is a Warbringer in Pandaria that caused you nothing but anguish, maybe the Shadowpan dailies felt too much like work after doing them for weeks, and now you can do some of those crazy achievements you never thought you could because they were to difficult at 90.

What I see with having to take flight plans to spots all over Draenor is we don’t explore any more.  The amount of time to even find a spot we need to be in, cough, on top of a mountain, cough, is eating up much to much of the available time we have to play the game.  I had a good chuckle at the reward you could get to locate treasures on your map, when since near the beginning of the expansion there has been a free App.

Just to play devils advocate, if I could fly right now, even if only at slow speed, I would be out hunting archeology digs, I would be getting all those insane to reach treasures in trees, or on top of poles, I would be looking for rares, I dare say, I may even be doing more of the level 100 bonus objectives.  They made the miners coffee able to stack 5 times, and as a priest with a speed boost, I fly through the mine now with 5 stacks of coffee, and it does not feel as time consuming as it did before.  Yes I still spend a good deal of times running around doing chores, but since I only focus on 1 character, it is not a great deal of time every day.  What prevents me from venturing out is not having to take a flight plan and tabbing out while flying, it is the 10 minutes to ride some place, have to fight my way through multiple 100’s to complete a minor goal.  Spending 30 minutes or more on one quest is becoming a time sink.

Would being able to fly to an objective be cheating the design intent?  Absolutely, but the converse is that I just don’t do the content.  SO it comes down to which is the lesser of 2 evils.  Not have flying and people grumble and complain they are stuck in the Garrison just doing instanced content, or giving people the means to venture out and explore and do things if you take away their excuse for not doing them.


2 thoughts on “I hate to say it, but we may need flying

  1. I don’t even give a fuck about Blizzard’s precious “treasures.” I stopped even looking for them because it was giving me a headache running here, nope the level above, wrong way, back down, take the other side, screw it. Draenor just isn’t worth the time to explore to me. It doesn’t interest me, and the story never made me feel involved. Flying would do nothing to solve the story issue, but it would make it worth my time to actually get back in the game and start doing things.

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  2. That and the 3 hour flight from the horde garrison to WarSpear. I find Warlords of Draenor is more like Warlords of (Real-Life) Distraction. I spend more /afk time in this expansion than any other. Granted I get more done around the house when I’m flying around while teleport objects are on cooldown, I just don’t find this X-Pack to be properly engaging.

    Unfortunately, I don’t have viable suggestions for fixing anything. Just some mild grumblings of not having as much fun this time around.


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