The term popped in my head this morning.  And to be honest, this really sums up my overall feeling of Draenor at the moment.  I don’t think that it is any one big thing, although the Garrison is way up there on the list of could have been awesome, but now feels like a chore.

I look at things like rep grinds needed to purchase Blue text gear, that by the time you have the reputation to purchase, you no longer need the gear because other less time consuming activities rewards far superior.  Perhaps there was some miscommunication when planning the whole leveling process.  Maybe unintentionally we short cut the system, or perhaps there were changes made later on to get us faster into the raids, and the reputation vendors were just over looked.

Apexis crystals, oh how I loathe thee.  Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy occasionally running out somewhere to do a quest, I have done it many times over the years, and I am sure I will many times in the future, but for some reason, this feels burdensome.  Whether it is the shear number you need to get for 1 piece of gear, the additional to improve that piece, it is a daunting figure, you could be looking at months just to raise 1 piece to the current maximum iLvL.

Speaking of leveling 1 piece, I finally broke down and raised my crafted pants from 640 to 655, I spent well over 5,000g on Savage Bloods to do so, went into Blackrock Foundry LFR and of course the RNG gods felt this was a perfect time to look upon me and give me 655 pants.

It just seems to me that after all the design was done, and what ever internal testing occurred, and those that tested in the PTR, some decision was made to speed up the process to get people into the raids at all levels as fast as possible.  I honestly took my time leveling my first, and it was still extremely quick.  I was leveled to 100, and adequately geared to run LFR, before I had completed many dungeons on Normal, let alone Heroic ones.  I could run Heroic Dungeons, but to what point.  For a few pieces of Blue gear to disenchant?  The Gold? Even if I took the quests from the Tavern for the goodie bag, it is still not much of an incentive.

There seems to be a quick means to get to a point you can run LFR and start raiding, but the outside means to improve yourself doing other things seems to be considerably lacking.  And I think it is that needed motivation that is missing.  During Cata, we ran Dungeons until our eye were bleeding for Valor, we had vendors we could purchase Epic gear from with that Valor, and we could wear a tabbard for a particular faction to boost rep gains..  During Pandaria we had Rep grinds in order to raise our reputation high enough to purchase Epic gear with Valor.  In Draenor, we ride out to bonus zones to grind rep to purchase Blue Gear?  Or perhaps a Follower for our Garrison, or the ever present Mount gold sinks.

No.  There needs to be a suitable reward for doing a thing.  Even if it was only for equivalent LFR level gear, or special color skins, something.

Looking at Ashran.  Wow, what a painful experience that has become.  It was awesome at the start, people treated it like a World PvP zone, we fought our way through to the enemy bases, defeated their leaders, battled it out against each other along the way, and now?  Roaming groups farming Conquest points.  Even the latest change to events spawning randomly won’t fix the problem.  People are there primarily for one reason, to cap Conquest.  Certainly you may have people wandering around looking for anyone unfortunate enough to be alone for the easy kills.  But it is no longer a place welcoming to someone looking to experience it for the first time, or even someone to visit casually.

There are a lot of little things that are adding up for me.  I love WoW, I love the community, the people I play with everyday, the people I interact with on Twitter, on the Forums.  I have no plans on leaving the “Game” anytime soon, but I think I may leave Draenor behind, except for doing the 10 minute run around every day.

There is plenty to still do in the older zones, many quests to be completed, a few more reps to max out, many many more mounts to acquire, and even pets.  There is plenty to be done, and seeing that 1.5 million point hit on a level 25 Ogre in Arathi Highlands, gave me a feeling I have found missing in the last 5 months, that yes, I am a powerful character.

Alternativechat mentioned the other day that she is a Legacy player.  And yeah, I get it.  There is a lot to be done, a lot that we have been encouraged to just bypass in the race to keep consuming content, and I think it is time to step away from the race, and find things that are enjoyable to do.  Except Ogri’la rep.  I don’t do Simon Sez.


3 thoughts on “Apathy

  1. Ogri’la Rep isn’t bad. Just get the Ogri’lazy addon. You assign keys on your number pad to represent r/g/b/y. As the simon sez board is giving you the pattern to repeat, you key that in on your number pad. Then you regurgitate the pattern. You no longer have to thwang your head into the wall when for forget what came next. The only hard part is remembering to head way out to BE in Outlands every day.


      1. Thanks, I will have to get that one. Ogri’la is one of a handful I am missing that I want to complete. I just finished Hydraxians


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