Of Portals and Capitals


I have often looked back on why Dalaran was so important for us all to get there, to be there every day.  And it was the Portals.  You had a home base that you could quickly get to the 4 corners of the world instantly, added to that the Caverns of Time portal it was “The” place to be.  In Cata they were removed and we were sent back to our home Capitals, but we had the Portals to the new zones, I am sure there are a few of us that have our Ring of the Kirin Tor for that Dalaran port back to Northrend, even some with the Tabard for Tol Barad which can quickly have us back in Stormwind or Ogrimmar.  We like portals, they get us worlds away instantly.

My wife uncovered the quick way to get from Timeless Isle to Gorgrond a day before the Blizzard Watch article, entirely by accident, she just happened to see a cave entrance in the water while on the Pirate Ship and went to check and sat in a chair.  I thought it was kind of cool, that she found something I had not read about, and was going to check it out to see if maybe there was some hidden quest or reason for it.  Apparently it is just a quick way to bypass the Starting experience, which was a bit of a let down.  But still, I made a mental note of it for some time if I need to get someplace with a Hearthstone on cool down.

But I was wondering, why are there plenty of ways to get from other places to our capital city, but we don’t have the means to get from our Capital to all of the new locations.  Sure we have one to Warsong, or the corresponding Alliance base, and from there you could get to other cities, you could even keep your hearth in Pandaria, like I see many do, just for the means to get around.  It is a convenience to have.  I do wonder, “If” we had a central building in the Capital, with ports to all of the cities, a port to Warsong, a port to our Garrison, one to the Shrines, Dalaran.  Would we spend our days locked away behind the Garrison walls?  Would you see a return to people in town?  Mostly I venture to town once a day at least to visit the Auction House to list things from the Salvage bag, or to stock up on some mats.

Making a choice to start doing more in the old world has me looking at home I can get around quickly, and yet also reminds me of those days in the past where I would ride to find a new flight plan, the exploration, the wonder of looking for hidden places.  I had a desire to explore then, and I think going back may spark that desire once again.  Fingers crossed.


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