A gamers code of ethics

I am certain this is nothing new, a code to follow to improve our gaming world, and experience.

Gamers Code of Ethics.


Always remember there was a time when you knew nothing, when others took time to help you.  We all started out with no idea how to play, we have all had times where things have changed and we just don’t know.  Always remember when someone asks something you have known for years, that there was a time when you did not.


Everyone should have a chance, a chance to try, a chance to succeed, a chance to fail, an opportunity to learn.  And if they cannot succeed in doing that which you may find easy, do not look down on them, but support them for trying, and congratulate them when they do succeed, even if it is long after you have moved on to other things.

Stay Classy;

Be the person people look up to, not just for your ability to play, but for your willingness to help and share knowledge.  Don’t be the person that writes guides or how to plays because you want the glory of being that person, do it because you honestly want no accolades, want no fan fare, just do it because helping just 1 person, may change the way others play for the better.


Be patient with others, how you treat people new to a game will shape the way they treat others in the future.  If the first interactions a new player has is for people to troll them, and berate them for lack of skill, then how do you think they will behave years later when they are the ones interacting with new players, it is a culture in gaming we need to stop, and change for the better.


Learn to change, to help change the gaming environment we all want to be a part of.  Change for the better does not happen because one person steps up, but it does take one person willing to make that first step to encourage others.

Can I;

Can I do more.  Is there a person asking for help in game, or on the forums, or Social media.  Can I help them.  Even if just to point them in the right direction.


Be willing to reach out to someone having trouble, take the time to help someone learn to be better.

It all boils down to one simple word


Respect those you play with, be they friends, or even strangers, show them the respect you would like to be shown, and maybe, just maybe, we can all re-shape this gaming world we live in to something where we all have fun playing games.


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