what do we do


Where do you even begin.


Just like any problem, the first step is acknowledging there is a problem.  Be it with yourself, others, how you react to others, how your actions result in others reacting to you.  I stand to the side and just let people rant and rave in groups, I put up with the toxic comments, the attitudes that it is only LFR, it’s not really a raid.  The blame on others for wipes, the finger pointing.  And maybe I am partially at fault here too by not speaking up, not trying to be a voice of reason.  Maybe it is anxiety that if I do, I may find myself booted out.  But even that is not a deterrent any more.  I so rarely run even LFR any more, I would have to check, but I don’t even think I have done a normal raid this expansion.  I went along on a guild trash night once, but there is something about raiding now, even back into Mists that has changed, it is not just the people, not just the story locked behind having to do the raids on any difficulty, not the Legendary that is forcing more and more people into doing content they normally would not consider. Even under the “oh, it’s only LFR”

Would it be a bad thing to just stop putting them in the game for everyone?  Should they go back to being an exclusive item that you had to do the most difficult content in order to get one?

I am frustrated that it feels like content is designed around everyone having a Legendary thing, everyone having a 4 piece tier set, everyone raiding content as soon as it is available, push push push, get in there now, get it done, move to the next.

Raiding should be something you do with friends, people you work with to achieve a goal, people that want to be in there with you.  Not something where you are forcing people to do content to see a story play out, not to get some powerful thing that everyone has and that fights are built around the majority of people having.


I was considering this post this morning, how do we let Blizzard know that we have had enough, that the repercussions for bad behavior are not there, at least to our eyes, that they allow people to behave in any manner their perceived anonymity allows them to act.  I thought of all of those funny pictures we see of dogs and cats wearing signs shaming them for bad behavior, which would either drive people to act worse just to get it, to even worse silent behavior that would be near unprovable.  To calling for a 1 week boycott of LFR by all of us that either run it because it is all we have available, or because that is what we choose to run.  I do not think there is anything I could do or suggest that would even show as a blip on the Blizzard radar.  And it comes down to this.


Do what you need to do for yourself.  If it means just walking away from LFR, or Heroic Dungeons, running Ashran, questing, even playing WoW.  At the end of the day, you have to do what is right for you, what thing makes logging in everyday enjoyable to you.  And if you run across groups that are sucking the life out of something you enjoy, it is best to just step away, leave them to swim in their toxic pool of hatred.



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