Are we heading to having no factions, or does it really matter.

I am part of the we could use a neutral faction camp, or ways to interact better with others.  The whole Alliance vs Horde, Good vs Evil, has run its course for me.  I have a great many friends on both sides, there are time when I wish I could invite someone from the other side to do something, times when out in the world where I want to ask someone if they need help, times when I would like to ask for help.

I think we all can agree that at some point in the future, some expansion coming next, or perhaps then one after we will see a return of the Legion, it will be another bad guy(s) we have as a common foe, and will all group up on both sides to beat back and continue on with our lives, to fight the next in an endless progression of more and more powerful baddies.

The other night the Alliance attacked Ogrimar.  It was the second week in a row they have.  Previously it was not really known they were coming, and 5 of us grouped up to defend against what amounted to a full 40 group, with the majority from a PvP focused guild on our server, in full 660 Primal Gladiator gear.  Calls for assistance to fight back in Trade were met with crickets.  No one really had a desire to come back to town to fight a battle.  So when it popped up in Trade that they were coming again 6 of us, 1 who was level 90, grouped up again, figuring this time, people know they are coming, surely they will help out, but no.  Let them kill him, if no one fights back they will just leave, I have stuff in my Garrison I am working on, this is a PvE realm, if I want to PvP why would I be here.

And it occurred to me, why am I even fighting back.  I have no gear to even go 1 on 1 against them, let alone when it was 8 to 1, why do it.  For years, and I have played both factions at max level, when people would come to town, I would rush to the fight, would do my best, and it was fun, because others were there too, it was fighting back a group trying to invade your home town.  But something has changed.  It is not fun anymore to stand up to a large force to fight back, not fun to see your flight masters, quest givers get killed, because it is disrupting your game time.  Would I feel different if we had pulled a full group to defend? Possibly.  But it is not fun when people cannot be bothered.

I don’t know what is happening in game, there is an underlying feeling that many are just going through the motions.  I know there are aspects of the game many are thrilled to see, just as there are many people are just tired of.  I am always hopeful that some patch, some feature will grab me and keep me logged in for hours as I delve into learning it.  I think we are heading towards a unified collective player base, one united force that will fight off the bad guys that challenge us.  More than wanting it to happen, I think it may need to happen to keep the game alive, sure we will still have infighting, battles, combat, but I think the time of Orcs vs Humans may be coming to an end, and it will be for the better.  The lines are blurred, the rivalries are being forgotten, and we need to grow to survive.


One thought on “Are we heading to having no factions, or does it really matter.

  1. Coming from a PVE server I guess it’s a bit different for me since I knew that I would not be able to enjoy a constant battling PVP server. It appeared mostly just a gank fest and there is not real honour in level 80’s killing level 20’s then doing it all over again (obviously I know this is not everyone..but bad experiences stick).

    However I often find many friendly (ie emotes & not kill stealing) players on the opposite faction out in the world yet the ones supposedly on my side can be utter

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