I am a Wrath baby. #117

There, I said it, go ahead, get all the snickers out of the way.  LOL.

I was thinking about this last night and this morning after a conversation.  I acknowledge I have a very different take on many part of WoW than others.  Some may agree with a few thoughts I have, others may disagree with everything I write.  I am not saying I am right or wrong, or that my opinion is any more valuable than anyone else’s.  Mine is just different.  And it was shaped by a unique set of circumstances.  Or at least it seems that way to me at times.

Marathal hails from the US-Borean Tundra community.  I say community, and I hope that the reason I do will become apparent as I write this all up on the fly.  Yes @Alternativechat, I am writing this without notes or an outline, being a rebel today.  ;D

The US-Borean Tundra server opened mid January of 2009.  It was one of the last servers ever opened by Blizzard, and one of the last that the opportunity existed for a Gate event.  Everyone on that first day was a level 1 with nothing, we had no max level characters, no army of alt’s with stockpiles of materials or profession recipes known, no mounts, no gold, and for that matter, no guilds.  There were many guilds formed on that first day, Fates Call was one of them, and the only original day 1 guild left.  I won’t forget to make mention of my fellow Horde in the Communist Slumber Party, they formed on day 2.  Bunch of upstart kids. 🙂

So who were we?  A portion of the player population consisted of long term players all there in hopes of being there for the Gate opening, and the rest?  Well, we were a New Player designated realm, and yes, as I look back on things, I would say near 50% of those there originally were brand new to WoW, or had only played a short time.  If you asked 100 people how they heard about WoW, 60 or more would say South Park’s Make Love not Warcraft.  We knew nothing, and as time went by, many of those Veteran players made it a point to tell us that.  Daily.  We were Wrath babies, Vanilla WoW was best, BC was the best expansion ever, Wrath was catering to the casuals, we were looking to be carried, we were a bunch of noobs, we didn’t know what hard really meant.  And that really stung.  A lot of us.

There are a lot of people that were there in the early days that are still here, still play every day.  Many left for other realms, we were not progressing fast enough, and looking back with the knowledge of the game I have now, I just want to say, well done BT.  You got a late start, you had nothing, and still you managed to do well.  Yes we may have been ranked 213th at the end of Wrath, but my how we have climbed.  In the 150’s in Cata, to breaking in to top 100 in MoP, to now being 80th.  For those that stayed, those that chose to come here, those brand new players when ever you got your start.  Salute.  You should be proud.

One thing that, at least seemed to me, was that for all the put downs, all the negative comments, we found ourselves, we created our own community, our own way of doing things, our own identity.  For us faction pride was not as important as server pride.  Yeah we would make comments and poke fun at each other, but if you were an outsider and tried to pick on one of our own, you were met with a united front.  We survived the ridicule, the put downs, and kept going.  Always determined to prove we had every right to be there as anyone else.

Just an example, a few years ago I started a server Facebook group for both Alliance and Horde, and some how we all get along, we all laugh and share, and it has somehow grown to 577 members, both current and past players on the server.  For us being a part of the community as a whole had value.  We were the new kid picked on in the school yard that had grown up.

I have tried my hand at just about anything the game has had to offer, from power leveling in Alterac Valley, rushing to small towns all over the world to fight back invading faction players, even though I was only level 40 or 50’s, I have been a part of a progression raiding guild, have helped form and run guilds, and most recently have stepped up to run what was a guild on the verge of fading away with 15 people and multiple alt’s, and grown it to a capped out guild with 2 soon to be 3 raiding teams, and groups that enjoy PvP, and all aspects of the game.

I have a different way I look at things to be certain.  I believe that everyone should be given a chance to do things in their own time, that they should be congratulated when they achieve something, even if it is years gone by since it was current, that if you know, you should be willing to help someone with questions, that there are good people in this game.  We all don’t play to the same level of difficulty.  The thing that is most important is that we play, and that we have fun doing what ever we find fun to do.  I’m not writing this to defend any ideas I may have, but just to give some perspective on how my experience playing has shaped my view of things.


One thought on “I am a Wrath baby. #117

  1. ‘The thing that is most important is that we play, and that we have fun doing what ever we find fun to do.’ <<this
    Personally I'm an old age Vanilla player but for me and a lot of guildies we enjoyed Wrath the most, it was the most fun and the most open to group activities and most friendly to alt addicts like me 😛


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