On Tokens

As of 10pm Eastern last night when I logged, which was 7pm on the left coast, the price had dropped to 29k. I have not checked this morning. Time will tell if those that bought early for the 30k price will be the ones that made a smart purchase or not.

I was dwelling on this last night. How do these people I know in guild have so much money that they bought the max 10 in the first hours. Looking at myself who really does not focus on making money, mostly because I spend it on others or the guild when I have any, I have easily made 100k so far this expansion. And I know many that have armies of garrison alt’s probably sitting on a lot more.

Maybe they are gambling on the price skyrocketing. Maybe they think Blizz may take it off the table. Regardless of any speculation on my part, they made a decision to commit themselves to 10 months subbed.

I was thinking. What after 90 days of purchasing and people being paid up for 30 months if Blizz said sorry, we are closing our doors. Those that paid with real money received in game virtual currency. So received a product they paid for, which isn’t really theirs, but those that bought game time with virtual money? I think legally they are just out of luck. Far as I know, there is no guarantee the game will be here next expansion, or one after that.

So what is the big gamble. How far in advance do you commit yourself. I do believe that this has been in the works a long time, and do believe that the amount of gold available from working the garrison was a factor. I have thought for quite awhile that market prices on things have seemed artificially high.

Time will tell I guess, who the smart purchasers are or are not.  One thing for certain, it will not be long before those with disposable gold will have committed all they are willing to part with, and there will be a cooling off period.  10 max in 30 days. I would be willing to bet by this time next month, someone will be figuring out the highs and lows, and when the best time to buy and sell is.


2 thoughts on “On Tokens

  1. I might buy a couple just before my account expires. It locks me in to current prices as who knows what might happen in the future. Then I can activate them when I return. If I don’t return then I lose nothing since gold on an unused account is worthless.


  2. I’m going to be lagging behind on the tokens because I have an army of alts to support. 😀 I’m not sure that I am quite ready for the new change and will wait to see how it all pans out.


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