I am not the target player

Reading through the patch notes, and yes, I know they are not final, I see that this is no longer the game I play.

I started mid-Wrath, I loved the Vanilla zones and quests, exploring, figuring out how to play my priest, doing quite a bit solo in healing spec because I did not know, I was routinely 10-15 levels above things I was doing.  When it came time to head to Outland, I skipped it.  I had heard all the horror stories about leveling there, and that was when there were many people working on things, I saw what would be beyond me by myself, and went back to questing.  I eventually was high enough to get into Northrend, and my initial steps were met with many deaths.  But here there were people doing things, and I managed to group with some to complete quests, and move on.

I enjoyed Cataclysm, I enjoyed Mists mostly.  Yes there were some things that seemed repetitive, but overall you felt like you had some choice in what you did.

Heading in to Warlords it was exciting, but beyond the initial experience it became a 7-10 job I went to every day.  I have 25 followers, some above 670, some 660, and not many below 650.  I send out around 10 missions a day, 90% are successful, why those assigned to buildings are not out in the world acquiring materials for me I have no idea, all they are doing is demanding more of my time to supply them with raw mats to make more of a thing.  It has been about 2 weeks since I have had an ore trader, I just cashed in almost 4000 ore.  4000.  From characters that don’t even have mining.  Could I just walk away from the garrison?  Yeah, I probably could, except the gold carrot is dangling there every day.

Now looking at what is coming, we will have to acquire resources to build a ship yard, I wonder where they will come from? Will we all have to farm mats in Tannan? Oh that will be fun as entire server populations and the armies of alts descend on the zone to get X resource.  This aspect will not end well.  Beyond that?  I really hate boats in game.  It is the same model and floor plan that we have seen many many times.  The MoP scenario on the boats?  How many dreaded getting that one.  Go on, raise your hands.

Seeing the huge change to Shadowpriests, my mount no longer has shadowform, unless I glyph for it.  O.o  seriously?  10% nerf to our Mastery damage?  This was just seeing not only the final nails being hammered in to the coffin, but lowering it into the hole and kicking dirt on it.

Let me make one thing perfectly clear.  We all do not play at the extreme level those Mythic Priests play at, we cannot deal with the extremely complex spell rotation required to maximize our DPS, we are lucky if we have 2 pieces of Tier gear, and more likely none or one piece.  Our stats are no where near what is needed to even come close to being competitive to other classes.  If you just want done with the class, just come out and say so, stop trying to drive people away to other classes by making us similar to them but with lower damage potential.

I will play out the expansion, I will run LFR tourist mode once through, I highly doubt I will complete the legendary ring, Mythic dungeons?  No thank you.  I realize that even though I am writing off this expansion as not for me, that there are probably many others loving all of it.  so out of 6 expansions, I have enjoyed 4.  I am hoping that many things were learned about player wants and what works, vs, what you think we need.  I hope that things improve for my class.  And I hope that what ever comes next is not adding more and more levels of the same content, just to artificially extend the expansion by giving us harder versions of things we have completed.


One thought on “I am not the target player

  1. Just another thing that is tied to the Garrisons. I do like my Garrisons, however, there has to be more out there than just being a taskmaster to my followers. Oh well, guess I’ll go from being a General to Admiral now.

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