in 15 years

In 15 years World of Warcraft will be 25 years old.  It is a crazy number to consider for a game, but look at Dungeons and Dragons, any number of other video game franchises, Zelda, Mortal Combat, they are still around, and I do truly believe WoW will be too.

10 years ago you had teens and 20 somethings picking up WoW for the first time, perhaps they were even some that played Warcraft.  Those original players are now in their 20’s and 30’s with kids of their own, perhaps seeing this from their kids,

Mom/Dad can I play WoW? 

I don’t know, do you have you homework all done?

Yeee-aaaah /eyerolls

Ok, I lets get you set up, do you need any help? Do you want me to make you some bags or get you some gold to start out?

Gawd, I know what I am doing, I can figure it all out.  OMG!! this is so kewl, I can jump on this rock, oh I just killed that wolf, sorry wolf, I didn’t mean it, wow, this is awesome, where should I go first……….

to a few years later

this game is stupid easy, it’s not a challenge any more, why do people still play this, all my friends are playing Trollo Destroyer X and League of I own your face…

to a few years later

Mom/Dad, this is Amy, she’s a gamer and still plays WoW, any chance you still have my level 125 on your account?  We want to play together.

Until a day comes when their kids ask,

Mom/Dad?  Can I play WoW with Grandma and Grandpop?

And the phone call made.

Mom, dad, I get it now.  Thanks for everything.


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