It’s a cultural thing

Like I do most mornings driving near an hour to work, I like to think.  Should I write about something, why even write, there is maybe a handful of people that read this, maybe even fewer that will agree, or relate to anything I write.

The other day I was at my wits end.  I read through the initial patch notes, and I hit a down point.  It is a Catch 22, to have an idea what changes may be coming, or new features, you need to read the patch notes, but they are not final, and you may read things that turn you away from the game, even before they hit live, just because of the way your brain interprets what you are reading.  If you ignore them and wait for the final product, you may miss out of some new feature proposed that did not make it because people did not comment on it, also a feature may not make it because people did comment on it.


And that’s the tough part.  That which I struggle with.  Do I say what is on my mind whether people agree or disagree, to I propose crazy ideas that may make sense only to me, or given from my perspective, and let the chips fall where they may.  I think in the end it is up to me to try to find a happy medium, expressing thoughts and ideas regardless of whether they toe the line, are part of the hive mindset, are thinking out of the box.

What I realize too is that WoW is a cultural game, there are references to old movie characters, symbols of pop culture, things that are mufti-generational.  I know people that started playing when they were as young as 8-9 years old now in their teens, people that started in their teens and are now adults starting families, all the way up to people in their 60’s and 70’s.  Men, Women, Boys, Girls, we are as diverse a group as you could possibly ever find.  We all have our likes and differences in this game of ours.  Some may choose a path different than our own, it does not make them right in the way they play, nor us wrong.  We all find a niche that keeps us logging in every day.

When you look at WoW, it is not just a game popular in any one country, it is a global cultural experience.  Because there is that little something that draws us in, some thing that we can all relate to in some manner.  Years from now, I am sure someone will come up with a solid theory as to why it was successful.  Was it the story? The gaming experience? The game play? Or something as simple as just a need for people to interact socially on some base level.

The game is constantly evolving, and some say, Get on my level, learn to adapt, change with the game.  And there is some truth to that.  We should all strive to get a little better, to learn how to adapt to new changes and directions, to evolve.  But too not only should we the older players learn to accept the new, but the newer players should also look to us to understand the old.  Talking about things, remembering things not as nostalgia, or looking at things with rose colored Rhinestone glasses, but for how tough things were in the past, or how much simpler mechanics were back in the day.  We are an ever evolving player base, gone are many of the older 40 hour a week raiders, replaced with the 2 hours 3 nights a week, or taking the night off to watch a movie with my little girl.   Our priorities are changing, and it is up to us as players to talk about things, so that maybe, just maybe, someone in the development department may look at what we say, and a light bulb may go off when it finally clicks, that hey, we never realized.  We get it.  How is this.

Saying nothing just allows things to stagnate and plod along slowly drying up until there is no more.  So take some time, be it once a month, a week, a day.  Write your thoughts and ideas down, make suggestions, try to see things from others perspectives, thinking is good, getting on a soap box to express ideas on dissatisfaction with something is good, debate people, but do not argue.  Express with your heart.

Have a great week all.


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