Rambling thoughts Tinfoil hat edition

Thank you Alternative Chat for giving me something to write about today.

This is all speculation, hearsay, nothing based in facts, purely me taking a guess and thinking out loud.

Warcraft moved to Summer Blockbuster slot June 10th 2016.  Now I do not think in any way that Blizzard asked them to move it because they needed more time to prepare for what’s next, but more Hollywood exec’s seeing exactly how huge this potentially could be, not only as a stand alone movie, but as a potential franchise, toys, games, we have only seen that which Blizzard has ventured into, once the Hollywood machine gets its grubby little marketing hands on it, we may see product the likes of which even god has never seen.

I will take a guess, that with the summer release, we will see an extended version/collectors edition/box set DvD in time for Christmas, with of course the game itself.  And it got me thinking.  Surely there will be many new players hitting the realms, trying to find their way in a whole universe we all take for granted, a new wave of new players with no idea about the game beyond the movie, much like many that watched South Park’s “Make love not Warcraft”

It has been mentioned, that perhaps we are on the verge of a reboot.  And I am leaning towards that too.  While we may accept the visual style of the game, and attribute limitations to a 10+ year old framework, what if they Rebooted WoW, what if we all had our chance to do it all over again, but with the level of graphics that many game players expect today that they see in their X-box, or Playstation.  What if they gave us a choice, stay in the old game and they would maintain it for our monthly sub fee, or start fresh in the new Worlds of Warcraft franchise.  Not just Azeroth, but all of the Worlds.  Yes I said Worlds Pural.  Level to 60 though old content, run all of the original raids with current abilities, all the way up until you are level 69, then move on to Burning Crusade, Wrath, Cata…

We are going to see Timewalkers soon, old content we can run that will allow various level players to run.  Level 65? You can run level 60 raids with friends. 84? Hop into an ICC raid.  I do believe, that not only will we be playing this out, but it will also be a good testing opportunity for them to see what current design and software issues may arise from the oldest code in the game.  I am sure there are other motives behind offering this feature beyond “Many have asked for it, here you go” Even if it is a simple algorithm to adjust gear and damage numbers, there is more than likely other reasons.

We need to start looking beyond just ourselves and what we want, and to the future of what new players will desire to even try a game out.  Every year we lose more of the old guard, and they are replaced with newer players that have fewer than 3 years playing.  If the franchise is to survive, not only do we the older players need to adapt, but the game with us.  Wouldn’t many of us jump at a chance to play it all over again if it looked like this in game?


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