I unfollowed someone yesterday

While this may not be a big deal to many, it was not an easy thing I did.  Even though they did not follow me, or probably did not really have much interaction with me, I did appreciate their knowledge and insight.

The unfollow was not about the big topic they were discussing, but instead when they ventured into that realm of comments that I have issues with.  I know many have played for years, I know all to well, that my WoW experience pales compared to many.  I have done quite a bit in my WoW career, but every passing tier brings harder and harder challenges that I need to overcome, and I have reached a point where I have made a choice to do only that which is enjoyable to me, because I do not have the time or skill any longer to do what many others do.  When content that I cannot do is refereed to as watered down, or that the game is being made to easy, even the standby Blizz catering to the casuals, I do take exception.

I don’t play the same game as many, it does not make your way right, nor does it make mine.  I respect the opinions of others, I listen to a great deal.  They may not always relate to the same game I play.  As long as a person does not have the attitude that they are better than me because they do something different, I will always listen.

Have a great Thursday all.


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