Why won’t they raid

Why won’t they raid…


They said there was to much of a learning curve from Heroic Dungeons to Normal raiding, so we gave them LFR.

Researching raids took to long so we gave them the Dungeon journal.

They said having 10/25 excluded too many people, that some groups had 12 or 15, so we gave them Flex size.

They said Heroic raiding was not hard enough, so we gave them Mythic, we made Normal a little harder and called it Heroic, we made Flex a little harder and called it Normal.

Gearing up to raid took to long, or only had one means to do it gated behind reputation grinds, so we gave them many different ways to get the gear they would need to raid.

They said forming pick up groups on their servers was to difficult, so we gave them an in game group finder, usable for everything except Mythic raiding.


But I think it is so much more than 10, so much more that if we truly knew the percentage of players that never set foot into a raid, discounting LFR, which many consider to not be raiding in any form, might astound people.

I no longer raid.

Do I have the gear for it? Sure.

Do I have 3 hours a night to do it? Yep.

Do I have a guild with 2 raid teams I could run with? Yes indeed.

So why don’t I raid?

Because I no longer feel like I am good enough, because even at 90% of my potential, I am still below other classes performing even worse, because spending weeks and months doing the same fights over and over, only to run out of time before the next raid tier comes along and the process repeats has

appeal to me any more.  They have put so much focus on creating a multitude of ways for you to get into raids, and it is no longer enough that the majority see’s the content, they want more.  Give them ways to raise their gear so they can do it, that should solve the problem.  But they are overlooking the most important thing.  Giving players the desire to do so.  There will always be a bad guy that needs to be defeated, there will always be Lieutenants or Creepy Crawlies to fight our way through.

But it is not just the endless merry go round of gear up to raid, to gear up to raid, but also the comments from those that participate in the top content there is with the demeaning comments that make people like me wonder, why should I even try to even attempt that which they consider to be trivial content.  WoW has been reduced down to it’s simplest just to get more people to play, they are destroying the game I have played for years.  They make light of content that I am unable to do.

Oh, you run LFR, aren’t you a special snowflake, move along now while we sit on our Uber mount of uberness, that you will never have.  Oh your guild is only 12/12 normal, get on our level brah, 40 man original Naxx was real raiding, this stuff they call content is just catering to the care bear players.  I am sure many have heard the comments, probably many more.

It is the knowledge that even if I pushed myself, devoted my time just on seeing the end game content at the highest level I could do, it would never be good enough.  And you just have to reach a point where you say to yourself, is it really worth it, if it is just to say I am better than you.  And for me it is not.  I am more happy in the fact that I had confidence in a young man who use to be a big trade troll, that had social anxiety, that now is raiding in one of the top guilds on the server he went to, and is now leading Pug groups to help friends see the content on higher levels of difficulty, and he has remained the most humble of people you would ever meet.

We all get older, our taste in gaming changes, where many would just flip a table and go play some new game claiming WoW is dead, it’s too easy now, to conceal their inability to compete to the level they are accustomed to.  I chose to stay and play what I enjoy.  Who knows, maybe they will create a story line so compelling that I want to raid again, raid harder levels.  Maybe not.  Maybe I will take up the PvP mantle again, the possibilities are endless in this game, and when people stop focusing on one aspect being the end all, and put pressure on the developers to create other things to do the game has the potential to grow even more.

Why do bosses need to be in an instance isolated from all but those willing to group up and do battle, why are there not more World bosses, why don’t bosses spawn out in the world like Deathwing did.  The one thing that will kill WoW is if not only the developers, but the players accept what is offered as being good enough, that innovations, even ideas from other games are bad, because it is what they have played for years.  Memories of the old should stay that, memories, they should influence positive change, should promote innovations, new ways of designing, not a hook to hang your hat on because a few want it to stay the old way.

I won’t raid because gear is hard to come by, or because I do not have time, but because there is so much more to do beyond that.  And there are many like me, Mothers, Fathers, kids just learning about WoW for the first time that have to be offline by a certain time, we all are or have grown up gaming, we keep playing because we are gamers, we are not the stereotypical basement dwellers society thinks we are, we are everyone, and it is time that we treated those like ourselves with respect, regardless of what level of gaming we play.

For those designing games, keep challenging us, keep pushing the design ideas, but do not focus on that small percentage that has the time and ability to defeat even your wildest ideas, be inclusive, and your games we will play.


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