Nancy’s Burlesque Inventions

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I am sure you may have seen NBI mentioned about.  It is the


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I don’t consider myself a New blogger now or not, I have been doing this for some time, have started and abandoned a few ideas for blogs, and settled into this one format that I find gives me the freedom to write what and how I feel.  I do have another, that I rarely post to, more for like the title says, when 140 characters in not enough.

So I thought this morning I would put some thoughts to paper on things I have learned with blogging, this may not apply to you, you may find it helpful, you may discard it completely, and that is one of the biggest lessons you can ever learn about blogging.

No one will ever agree with everything you say.

There may be days when you think you are talking about something that is dear to your heart, that surely there must be thousands with similar views, and there will be crickets, conversely there may be times you just write about some thing that has happened, and it will set off a firestorm of comments and opinions.

Keep in mind, everyone has an opinion, yours is not more important than theirs, nor is theirs any more powerful than yours.  Learn to respect the views of others, listen to what they may be saying, do not be afraid to take criticism.  However, do set a line for yourself, a point where you say, I respect your opinion, it is different than mine, we disagree on this topic, and move on.  Do not let it consume you with negative emotions, or pride that you are in the right and they are wrong.

Do not pressure yourself initially in to setting unrealistic goals, I will write every day, I will write 1000 words a day, I will do this.

First.  The easy one.

I can do this.

Yes you can.  The hardest part is putting down those first few words, and just talking.  And that is fundamentally what blogging is, just you talking.

Don’t always be something.
Try not to always be negative, or even overly positive about topics.  Write from your heart, talk about things as they relate to you.  If you chose to always focus on the bad, people may initially read, but eventually they will find other people to read, the same is true if you are always championing something.  Try to be you.  We all cant be sunshine and kittens every day.  Be yourself, and write for yourself.

Be prepared.

There will come a day, when you write something that will cause an uproar, comments will be made, people will attack you, and you will be tempted to just delete the entire thing, or as did happen to me, things became so heated that I felt I had to walk away, not only from writing, but from Twitter itself.  There may come a day, there may be many days, when you wonder, why am I doing this, what’s the point.

The point is write for you.


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