Tin foil hat time

I have speculated and commented that at least to me the entire expansion feels like a massive testing ground with some content tossed in for good measure, and looking at the movie potential, it seems, at least to me, somewhat accurate.  And it got me thinking on the entire Garrison feature.


What if the Garrison is not only a feature they had considered rolling out, but what if it was a means to test some system things out for the possibility of

Guild Housing


What if this is testing to see how certain functions will work in a confined space, having an Auction House, a Bank, Profession buildings, quest hubs, all available to people you invite to party with you, what if they are working to make the feature some have asked for a reality.  They could say here is where you can build you level 1-5 Guild compound, here are the buildings you can unlock through team work, all working towards a goal.  For me, as a causal player that really has no interest any longer in the raiding, but would love to put time into developing a thing that I could point to, could invite friends not in the guild and say, I made that, would be beyond words.


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