Nostalgia is well Nostalgic.

noun: nostalgia; plural noun: nostalgias
  1. a sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past.

So WoW’s subs dropped to just over 7 million.  The swell to 10 million most likely from people being nostalgic about years gone by and memories of the Burning Crusade era, where so many fond memories were made by a great many players.  When the initial run through the leveling experience was done, and it was not as they remembered, they left.  Granted, this may not be true for all of those that left, I am sure many others left for other reasons, that we may typically see, real life issues, work, family, health.  3 million players left, and it just doesn’t matter

Initially on release I saw a huge online presence in guild, even 10-15 people on at 6am getting their Garrison chores done at reset so later when they came back online they were ready to send out a new wave of missions, and could work on other things, seeing 40 on at night was not uncommon.  And that has tapered off to a normal 20 odd on at night.  Blizzard has sold over 10 million copies of WoD, and most stand alone games would be thrilled to just be able to say that, WoW is not done.  It is not over until we say it’s over.

It is in a bad place for many, logging in feels forced, to me, and some I know.  Perhaps it is just those I read and follow.  The change in information being released may have had a hand in it too, we are in the dark, and not knowing what’s coming is frustrating, we knew so much coming in from the long beta testing, and it has played out differently than at least myself thought it would.  Maybe I had higher hopes than I should have, but I am still here.

We just need to cut the cake, and find our own fun.

Be it Old content, new, trying new things, or even just hanging out to talk to friends, and remember old times, achievements gotten, remembering what it was that brought us to play this game, and has kept us here for so long.


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