it is all about the people

We have a young man in guild that will become a father today to twins.  He is nervous about it, as I am sure any new mom or dad would be.  So to wish him luck in this new phase of his life we did a little something for him.  We created a guild called <is Having Twins> and all rolled level 1 Orc Warriors which is his Race and Class.  And we all gathered in Ogrimmar for when he logged in.

We all danced, we talked in Trade on our characters named similar to his, it was a night of Striga. We are all happy for him and his wife, and wish him all the best.

And it made me think last night as I replied to someone.  It’s all about the people.  Yes, the game may have brought us together, yes we all play every day.  But it is the people that make the game what it is.  The impetus to get us to log in, when we really have nothing to do.  It is those people we may have never met in real life, that we share our lives with, the good, the bad, our triumphs, and our hardships.

If it was not for the people, it would just be another game you played by yourself.

Congrats on the Twins Striga.  Here is to a father raising his kids to be able to see gaming in a manner that we cannot even imagine, and with the Tauren that @Lethalvenoms had, we are seeing a new generation of players.  I hope that not only myself, but WoW is still around years from now to see what they will be able to do.


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