We’re gonna need a bigger roll of tin foil

tin foil

still might not be big enough.

Well let’s have at it then.  If you are going to speculate on things, may as well.


Ok, so the other day I commented that perhaps Garrisons and the whole lot might be leading to something bigger.

But I am thinking even beyond that.  What if your entire server look, was shaped by the people that played on it.  What if the story adjusted to the faction population, say Area 52 which is Horde dominated and the Alliance were more of a rebellion in smaller capitals that while still kept the general story line intact, but the actions of the player base shaped the general outside world, or an Alliance dominated server where the Horde has been beaten back and are more nomadic raiders.  To PvP servers that were more focused on that aspect, tailoring not only the look, but the types of world content available to them.  And not just everyone’s connected realms being like this, but all similar realm types becoming World servers.  One server to hold them all.

Ok, my brain is still getting wrapped around this line of thinking so I am sure some are scratching their heads.

OK.  The World PvE server houses all PvE servers.  The general world outside is shared by all, they use the tech they have in place to stack alternate versions on top of each other if population in a zone becomes to dense, but you are still a part of one collective community.  When you head in to your capitol things change beyond the gate, much like we see now with CRZ’s.  The capitals change based on the decisions and choices made by your community.  How?  I don’t know.  I am wearing tin foil on my head so this is all random ideas.  But lets go further in, there would be an area in the capitol for guild housing, much like going in to a district in town, you would enter an instanced portion that was unique to your guild, where the achievements you have completed would reflect the look.  I considered allowing GM’s to shape it, but that then becomes a job for the GM to do, and I personally have enough on my plate as it is.

But I mean banners in great halls proclaiming raid achievements,  portraits of great battles won, Unique vendor shops for the unlocked guild items, etc.  The only visual look adjustment would be what capital you chose to be in.  There would be guild portals much like we had in the Shrine to get to other capital cities, and worlds.  There would be guild quests that could be done, but not required, to add more vanity looks.

Inside of this guild compound, you would also have an area for a player house.  Lets say you headed down an alleyway with a stone arch which would be the boundary of your personal space, you could invite people of course, and the look would be all on you.

What would you need to accomplish this?  Well you might need to outsource a lot of art work, you might need to hire someone with experience in world content design…..


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