taking on the guild interface.

I am sure if you ask anyone that has run a guild for any length of time what they thought about the guild interface, they would either /facedesk, or say, where do I begin…

Lets talk about the current guild interface.  It is fundamentally unchanged from where it was years ago.  Yes they have added the option to require an authenticator to ranks, yes they have tweaked a few things.  But I think it is time to really give it a good look.

Lets start with Ranks.  Currently we have a maximum of 10.  And for the most part that may be enough.  You have your GM spot, Officers, Members, Inactive.  And that may be fine for a good start to a guild.  But then it can become more complex.  When your Officers have Alt’s that you want to give certain permissions to, but not all, so you add a rank.  Then you have people that have been in guild for years that really do a lot, you want to reward or give responsibility to, so you add a rank, then you have Raid Leaders, Raiders, PvP leaders, people that PvP exclusively, your people that get deployed in the military or with health or financial issues that you want to make sure they don’t get removed, new trial members, just normal members…. The list can become daunting when you try to limit to just the 10.  I would think increasing the maximum to 12-15 would be adequate.  But I can also see that adding too many could become even more of an issue.  So lets just add a couple.

Now, what I would like to see as additional options.  Instead of the default rank a person is added to the guild being the one on the bottom, that you be able to assign with the check of a box the rank new members are assigned.  Maybe you want new members to be brought in at a position that can only be removed by an officer or only buy the GM.  The structure of having responsibilities running downhill can get a bit confusing unless you thoroughly plan out your ranking structure.

I would like to see an option to set an inactive time to ranks for a character to be automatically moved to an inactive rank.  An option to automatically move a player inactive for 6 months as example, or a year, or even weeks.  I would like to see the system recognize when people have left the game.  I know people in guild that have closed their accounts more than a year ago, but still show in the guild roster, but a check of the armory shows them as 404.  This should be an automatic update to a guild roster when an account goes 404 the character is removed.  Also to have included if a person comes back after years of not playing to be placed automatically back into the guild they were a part of, but at the new member rank.

I would like to have more options in the Mobile app for GM’s or high ranks with the ability enabled.  An ability to approve or remove people from the guild.  The ability to adjust a characters rank in guild too.  How many times have we gotten emails, hey so and so’s account may be compromised, they are higher rank than anyone online, can you do something?  Sorry, have to wait until I get home.

These few things are a good start.

As for the looking for guild feature.

It is a behemoth of guilds listed.  Normally in the order created and that is it.  A scan through can take a significant amount of time, and there is a high percentage of guilds listed that are inactive, people that created guilds that never did anything with them except check that box to list, ones that are just banking guilds, the list is so large that after a time, I am sure people just pick one with a bunch of people.

I would like the system to filter into categories;

Large/Medium/Small guilds  500+/250-500/less than 250 members.

Sub lists showing activity if possible, ie, Such and Such Raid masters  25 player average online/weekly.  Just something that scanning through you could see quickly, oh, they only have 1 or 2 people on, that’s not for me, or oh, they have 45 on, that is too much.

The ability for guilds to list links to their web sites, and directly to applications if required.

The ability to approve a request to join, even if they are not online, with an in game mail message that they have been accepted, click on this item to confirm your choice.  Because we all like to get things in the mail, and having a nice letter pop up saying thank you for choosing our guild, we are pleased to let you know that you are most welcome when you are ready.

An option for a guild to choose to have themselves listed as a new player guild.  This was a tough one to consider.  I can see how that initial experience in a guild can shape how you associate belonging to one in the future.  Also the issues of a constant stream of new players asking the same questions over and over, asking for help with quests, dungeons.  It could be a large problem, and it has been suggested that perhaps there should be a Game Masters guild.

I kind of like this idea.  When you initially join World of Warcraft a quick question, have you ever played before.  If you say no, you will be placed in a GM guild for the first 20 levels.  At which time they can offer suggestions to the type of server may be best suited to you.  So it would be eliminating that initial bad experience some may have by choosing the wrong server.

I am sure these ideas are full of pitfalls, and problems that I don’t see, but it is time the feature gets a good look at.


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