what if we just win the battle, but it is only the start of the war


Every expansion we work our way to the end to fight the bad guys and we beat them, only to find there are worse bad guys, tougher challenges.  It occurred to me this morning that we keep winning battles, but the true war is still coming.  We see the way the game is unfolding, that regardless of our actions, the destiny of events has a way wanting to come to fruition.

While we may have changed the protagonists from our original history, history has it’s own idea of what it wants to happen.  I thought about this whole Timewalker thing coming, and I had a disturbing thought.

What if this is the end of WoW.  What if once we beat the bad guy, this is it.  We do not stop Draenor from destroying itself, and in the end we fracture time even more, what if all of this, sending Garrosh back to prevent the drinking of the blood, was an attempt to fix the future, and we came along and mucked it up.  What if there was only one opportunity to fix all of time, and what we have done has just made it worse.

The next expansion will be us heading back through alternate timelines to fight battles long done by us, but with different twists.  Fighting on a world where the Gate was never opened, fighting all of the old raids over and over with variations to the bosses, new mechanics that were in flux, ever increasingly difficult challenges, repairing the damage we are doing now.

What if WoW was just all the content created to date, but you had alternate realities of it to play for as long as you want.  But there would be nothing truly new.  Just variations of old content.  A world where Sylvanis was the Lich King, where Jania Proudmoore was the King of SW.

There will come a day, when they admit to us, that they can no longer make new.  That they have reached the end of what can be done.  and we finally win.  May it be a day long in the future, long after I am gone.


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