No flying again ever? Meh

It is not a major deal I guess. If they want to fill the game with 40-50 flight plans so that we can get from here to there that’s fine.

They don’t want flying because it trivializes combat. Yeah, ok. I buy that. However. My problem in this expansion is not so much the time to get to a place. It is once I am on an area I need to be, falling in level 100 bonus objectives. Knowing you need to go to a place for say a Harrison Jones quest, and as soon as you are there you find yourself in the middle of another you really had no intention of doing.
I have done the initial run through for the ship yard. And all I can say is I am going to wait some time before I do it live. With all the hundreds of Alliance and Horde players hitting the docks, things will be spawning faster than they can be killed. And that’s just for the quest. Not counting the automatic bonus objective right in the middle.

Having flying might give me some additional things to do. But only for awhile. What is missing is the compelling story. It just feels like we ride around and kill things because we can.

if the expansion was designed to have flying at some point, then there were design decisions made that had flying in mind. I cannot tell you how many times I have tried to make myself go out to do things, only to become frustrated at dead ends, mountains you cannot get around by obvious means, and objectives located behind enough max level creatures that I look at the situation. And just hearth back to the Garrison.

use to dread working on Nat Pagel in MoP because it usually meant flying across the entire continent. But I did it. With the design we now have, this is the first time I have found myself saying, I will pass on this, or no thanks   Even the current part of the Legendary. Collect 900 things. It is running BRF 30 or more times. Run LFR 30 times?  I can understand making things have meaning to get. But everything cannot be a time sink.

If you make things take too much time then people will just sit in the Garrison, and queue for things, or just focus on old world content. When this expansion ends, I have no desire to ever come back to Draenor. Which is a shame because I know even now, there is a lot that I had just passed on.

I can live without flying. But you, need to devote some time to fixing the design that is causing so much dissatisfaction because it is not there. Adding more flight plans is not the answer.  Sending us to bonus objective areas through quests for other things is not encouraging us to participate in playing the designed content. It just makes it feel like you are forcing us to do a daily quest, by subtle means.


2 things occurred to me this morning.

If flying trivializes combat. How does the level 3 perk from the barn not do so also. I do not fight my way through compelling outdoor content to reach a goal and complete an objective with a feeling it had meaning. No. I take a flight plan. Get on the ground mount best suited to avoid as much as possible to get me there the fastest and just ride through everything. That in my mind is trivializing content as much as any flying mount. How is having a Battlewagon in Nagrand or a Wolf you can ride and cast spells not trivializing content. It is a flawed reasoning. 

Also. If you want to gauge how important it is to your player base. Just add The Aviary building to the garrison. Level 2 you can summon a flying mount usable for a short time. Level 3 get you your Draenor flying.


One thought on “No flying again ever? Meh

  1. I respect their decision if they cannot make flying work with their designs, but it is still there fault. If it trivializes combat, then work your content to not feel so trivial with flying mounts. I feel like they are using excuses rather than taking the blame for themselves. It isn’t like flying has SUDDENLY done this, but they chose to double, triple, and quadruple down on including it in the game.

    You reap what you patch in.

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