This blog has gone walk about

it is too tempting to me as a person to try to wade into the ever deepening muck that is becoming the social part of why I play WoW.

I find myself being pulled in and wanting to try to share my own point of view. But in the end feel I am just putting more logs on the raging fire.

So consider this my bucket of water. It’s the beginning of Summer, I have no plans to let a game dictate my weekends or evenings. I’m not the target player. So no point spending time I could be outdoors looking for ways to keep myself in the game.

I am still playing. But on my time. My schedule. Time walker means nothing to me. Mythic dungeons have 0 appeal. Raiding outside of LFR?  Zilch.

My only comment to those that design WoW. My time has value. If you want to make things require more of it, then do not be surprised if I just choose not to do it when it is current. And if you want to use advertising gimmicks, limited time, get your Ahead of the Curve before its to late, then expect for me to be unhappy at times. And sometimes belligerent about things.
Have a great summer. Play nice.


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