WoW is a Relationship

A very complex and convoluted one too.  People devote as much or as little time to it as they want to.  For some it is a constant fight, where they are at odds with most everything that is changed, others try to work on the relationship as best they can to keep it going.

It is not a perfect relationship, there are always times when one party has a different vision of where it should go, there are fights, disagreements, temper tantrums, and the silent treatment.  Like any relationship there are time you just have to meet the other half way.  And compounding all this is there are near 8 million others trying to share this relationship with you also.

I am sure for every million people they may tick off, there are a million that are happy they are the focus.  It was pointed out that they have always encouraged feedback.  And that is absolutely right.  They have encouraged feedback.  But feedback needs to be more than just stomping your feet and yelling “You’re wrong”  You need to tell them why, or they will just tune you out and listen more to the people saying “Thanks for that change”

I have not played as many years as many, but conversely I have played longer than some.  What I want out of my relationship with WoW is vastly different than what others may want.  It does not make me any more right or wrong than anyone else.  Just different.  I try my best to express what I like or do not like about what the current game design has to offer me, in as calm and sensible a voice as I can.  Sure there are times I am angry or frustrated because of something changed, or a roadblock.  But I try to not yell.  I have even hinted on occasion that I could just walk away from it all.

I probably could just walk away.  I would take with me 6 years of memories, of friendships made and lost, of successes, of triumphs, of defeats.  At the end of the day all the money and time a person puts in to this game, is for the memories we will have years from now. When you finally say you have had enough, and walk away, none of the digital things you have bought or achieved will go with you.  Only the memories.  For me that is worth the $15 a month.  Some months it may not, but others it is a small price to pay for the memory I have.

Yesterday when I said just stop.  I meant, please just stop lashing out, stop yelling, threatening, and take a deep breath, and try to express “Why” this is a problem with you.  You are as much a part of the entire relationship WoW has as any other player.  Yelling louder does not make what you have to say have any more weight than the person that tries to explain succinctly what is the issue they are having.  We are all not adept with writing, many of us can write with a passion and flair that expresses how we feel much better than ourselves.

There are a great many changes that have been made, I am certain there will be a great many more coming.  Change is not always a bad thing, but also too, not changing can be bad.  All we can do as players is try to construct informative statements on what we like about a change, what we dislike about something that has not changed in years.  And hope that they will look at what we are saying and listen.

Because the best relationships happen when both parties listen.


3 thoughts on “WoW is a Relationship

  1. I’m glad you clarified the intent of yesterday’s post. I read it and didn’t like the “just stop” remark. I don’t like the attitude I’ve seen in a number of places that essentially says “stop talking about what matters to you because I’m tired of hearing it”.

    I posted once of the mega thread with my view, and then I cancelled my sub and spoke with a GM citing my reasons. Politely, no yelling, no carry on. Just “this is why I’m cancelling my 10+ years continuous sub. This is what I like, this is what I’m not enjoying and your design plans are more of the bits I don’t enjoy”.

    I believe in good manners, I don’t yell at customer service people. If I’m unhappy with a major stuff up, I ask them to find me the person paid to deal with the unhappy customers and I get a little less polite with them. However, I don’t see why I should keep giving money to a company that I feel has treated its customers badly, and I also think they should know why I’ve made that decision. They don’t have to care, but at least they have that input.

    No one has to agree with my views just don’t tell me I’m not allowed voice them.


    1. There are some mornings when I have all of 20 minutes to scoop up all the garbled thoughts in my head and put them to paper. Most times it all makes sense to me because I know what the point I am trying to make is. Some times I re-read something and see portions that need clarification, and save to draft, yesterday was one of those when I thought it all made perfect sense, but see from comments I should have elaborated more. I consider myself still a rookie at this whole blogging thing, and appreciate all the feedback, both good and bad.



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