What does it mean to be a Nerd

Yesterday a friend asked this.


And this is a really tough question to answer.  Years ago you did not call yourself a nerd.  Nerd was a derogatory comment made to people that did not fit in.



noun: nerd; plural noun: nerds; noun: nurd; plural noun: nurds
  1. a foolish or contemptible person who lacks social skills or is boringly studious.
    “one of those nerds who never asked a girl to dance”
    synonyms: bore;

    “the nerds running the world’s technology are certainly getting the last laugh”
    1. a single-minded expert in a particular technical field.

      “a computer nerd”

Those are pretty harsh when you look at the definition.  And I personally feel the term Nerd with its negative connotation is outdated as those opinions that we are basement dwellers, living with our parents.

No I think being a “Nerd” is an in thing to be in current culture.  Gone are the years where we were the computer nerds, the band geeks, the Audio Visual club techie’s.  I like to think that many of us, that have been the ones that played games like D&D, that knew how to play video games, that enjoyed SciFi and Fantasy, were just years ahead of our time.  Look at The Hobbit.  It is a world wide successful film grossing hundreds of millions of dollars.  It was originally published in 1937, in 12 years it will be 100 years old.  There have always been people like ourselves, that thought outside of the box, that marched to a different drummer, that never fit in to what society deemed acceptable.  And we did not care, we may have been bullied as kids, picked on for our differences, but cultures change, society changes.  What was once something looked down upon, is now embraced as normal everyday life.  How many that picked on people when we were younger because they knew how to use a computer, now have multiple computers, tablets, iPhones, and console games in our homes.

I tried to think, what does it mean to be a nerd.  And I think it is still a person, that does not quite fit the norm, someone that has a passion for some thing.  Even if others do not believe.  It is not a label that has a bad meaning, because at some point we stopped letting it have a bad meaning to us.  We are all nerds in some form.  If you are passionate about cooking, you are a nerd, if you love books, you are a nerd, if you like gaming, you are a nerd.  And millions of others are too.  We are no longer those people associated with living in the dark basement.  We are everyone.  Doctors, Lawyers, Electricians, Truck drivers, Teachers, Mom’s, Dad’s, young, old.  We are everybody.

As for what am I nerdy about?

I am Nerdy about life.

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