what if


What if we have only seen a small part of this expansion.  They said this expansion was their biggest to date.  In reality, comparing the zones structure, Northrend, Pandaria, Draenor, all encompass a similar size give or take, yes there is a lot of content to work on, probably a bit more than MoP.  But what if all we have seen, all we will see soon, is just the tip of the iceberg.

I have seen comments from people that they have noticed visual things, the ground shaking, and it got me wondering, we have seen the most recent cinematic, which leads me to believe that even though this is an alternate timeline, history has a way of keeping itself on a set path, so is it to much to speculate that once we have beaten the bad guy in Tannan, that we will escape a Draenor ripping itself apart to form what we know as the Outland expansion, except

We end up back in Azeroth, but it is the Alternate timeline version, one where the Iron horde occupy what is now Stormwind, where the Alliance and Horde are the rebellion fighting to set history right.  Or is it a history the Keepers of Time even want restored?  Were we heading down a path that would have lead to our destruction?  Did they have a greater hand in sending Garrosh back in time to an alternate version of the timeline in the hopes of preventing a greater catastrophe?  Where is the Black Prince in all of this.  We know he came through to this Alternate timeline, what has he been up too.

I could probably speculate for hours on possibilities that I can see.  But more troubling is the current state of the game.  I see a great many people that I always looked for discussions and information that had always been a voice of calm and reason being frustrated.  And I think it is in part a genie that was put back in the bottle.  They, Blizzard, for years sought input, actively asked us for opinions, for what we liked, what we didn’t, and now with the movie looming a year from now, it seems like an Iron Curtain of silence has descended.  They may be listening, but the window that we are allowed to see through and ask things, has grown very small, and when it is becoming more and more difficult to hear what little we are being told, it is frustrating.


I love this game.  I truly do.  I want to play it for many more years.  But going from a time where players and developers, and community managers freely talked and shared thoughts and ideas, to a climate where it all gets funneled through a single point is making it feel like a waiting room.


Surprises are a good thing.  We want to have that, OMG, did you see?  feeling.  But I think it would be in the best interest, to give us a bit of a tease beyond just a, oh, Tannan will not be the last patch, amidst the whole no F thing.

You need to communicate with us.  It is what made this game as successful as it is, the fact that people felt like they could ask something, and someone would actually answer them.

2 thoughts on “what if

  1. Perhaps they will utilize what they have learned from Cataclysm and blow our minds after 6.2 leading up to 6.3. Who would arrive after Archimonde? Sargeras? Wrathion & Friends? Zombie Illidan? Will he tear Draenor apart? Perhaps every single zone will be torn apart and start to resemble the Outlands that we know!

    Maybe all the world content is hiding in 6.3, where we are finally out and about trying to patch up this version of Draenor!

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  2. I really hope that you are right, that we have only seen a minute portion of what is to come. There is plenty of stories left untouched at all which could be explored and which could take this expansion in a thoroughly different direction.
    I’m hoping that somewhere along the line the actions of Karioz and his cryptic parting words of becoming infinite are explained (and the time-lost tower in Frostfire ridge, where does that fit in, I’m hoping its more than just for decoration).
    I think there should definitely be something deeper hidden in this expansion that hasn’t been revealed yet.

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