What if. A Garrison thought

What if, instead of our individual Garrison, it was something different.  What if it started as a level 1 encampment that we all set up at the start, and had preset profession buildings, but everyone was there, not phased to us.  It would have needed to be slightly larger in scale certainly, but when you hit level 96 it became a larger area with the beginnings of buildings, and at 100 you have a full blow town with all of your shops etc.

That, I feel would have been better, however, since they had told us way back when we would have an individual garrison, they would have caught flak for not offering what was promised.

I would like to take it a step beyond that, put the advancement of the faction base in the hands of the players, let them work to advance it, much like we had in MoP with Thunder Island, have larger buildings and shops offering more as the server(s) worked at progressing it.

We need to bring back community building endeavors.  We are becoming more and more isolated and not interacting, and it is hurting.  Years ago, it was all about teamwork, and working together, not it is basically a solo player game you can play with others.

Just a thought

One thought on “What if. A Garrison thought

  1. I would’ve loved a server-based, opening of AQ-esque garrison that would level and unlock new stuff as the collective progressed and did specific quests/missions for it. They could’ve done that either as an end game-only thing or while leveling and still had personalized garrisons. Imagine if each class had a specific building in this new city which it had to run, including followers and resource management!

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