On flying and the effort to get it. 

I’m sure many have heard, flying is in at a point after patch 6.2. While many are cheering that Blizzard caved, I think it was those few compelling reasons expressed that may have held sway. I am sure they discounted all of the no fly no sub chants. They know better than anyone why people leave, and what people are and aren’t doing in game.

I’m sure once people have an opportunity to log in to review what achievements they have and what they will need, the cries of no fair forcing us to grind rep, or gasp, quest to get their wings.

Mounted travel in any form over the years required a commitment to attain. Be it the original flying in BC, having to get Cold weather flying for Wrath, or in MoP having to reach level cap, and shell out a hefty sum of gold. Getting the fastest flying required a minimum 1 year commitment.  It was not required to play the game. It was a reward for putting in a lot of time to get.

I will take a look at what I still need, I will work on the new, with others, and hopefully, I will have it soon after it is available. If it ends up requiring me to complete some task I thoroughly dislike?  Then I will probably give that part a few attempts, then move on.

While having it will give me incentive to perhaps fly around to bonus zones to occupy my time, or investigate areas far off the beaten path never explored, and dare I even say it, work on Archeology outside of the mine.

There are many things I had written off to work on in later expansions when it would be legacy content that I am reconsidering doing now. It should not take the addition of flight to do so however.

Having flying may sooth some people for a time. But it will not make the world any bigger. It will just give people the feeling that they accomplished more in the expansion sooner.

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