time to break the mold?


I was watching Episode 2 of Guild Grumps

And a comment really stood out to me.

We are having more fun not doing what we are supposed to be doing.

If you have not seen episode 1, it is worth watching.  The premise is take 4 people that have never played World of Warcraft and give them boosted level 90’s.  It really shows the feelings we all had when we initially started to play, and the frustrations of a Veteran player in trying to explain years worth of knowledge.

And it had me thinking this morning.  Why do we have to follow the path everyone else does.  Why do we feel compelled to follow the same route time after time, quest to cap, dungeons, raids.  People can PvP, they can work on Achievements, they can do older content, they can develop an army of alts, even be a Pet Battle master.  There is no end to the amount of things to do in the game.  So why do we feel like we are guided to a set course of action?  Why do we feel like we fall behind if we are not doing something as soon as it comes out.  Why cant we,

Have fun not doing what we are supposed to be doing.

Take this for example.

We had a level 1 race, there was no point to it, other than to just have fun doing something with no point other than to see if we could.  Yeah there were some good prizes handed out, but mostly it was to have a good time.

Even this event that I went to see.

And our most recent guild event to express our best wishes to a guildie having twins.

These are all things done, outside of what is considered normal game play. They were fun to do, fun to participate in, for no purpose other than just doing something different.

We all find levels of enjoyment in WoW, there are things we excel at, others that seem daunting to us.  When we allow ourselves to feel like less of a player, because we cannot do something others can, we should not get down about it, but instead look at what we have done, and continue to do to find our own enjoyment.  When we stop focusing on what is wrong with the game, and instead take a different path we can find that small thing of beauty amidst a desert of dissatisfaction.

Single flower sprouting in the Atacama desert

If we are willing to break the mold, then perhaps we can be free to enjoy playing this game we all love.


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