Last night I was out working on The Pit.  Part of the meta that needs to be done in order to get flying at a point after 6.2 is released.  I still have 7 or 8 more Apexis daily quests to do.  There were just 2 of us, slowly working our way around pulling 1 add at a time, at one point we pulled 1 and 3 of his friends came along, and I knew I was going to be looking at a long corpse run back from the other side of the pit.  What I did not expect was a group of Alliance players to jump in and help dispatch the mob.

I personally have always jumped in to help someone, be they Alliance of Horde if I saw they were in trouble.  It is more rewarding to me as a human being knowing that I stopped to help someone, even if they are only pixels on a screen.  I get that we have had a 20 year rivalry, Orcs vs Humans.  It is the foundation of the game.  But things change, cultures change, we are not all the same people we were when we started playing.

I have seen in the past “We need a Neutral Faction”, and I think it may be justified.  There would obviously be those hardcore Blue or Red players, but I suspect there is a decent amount of people that would welcome being able to play with friends on both sides.  I mean who wouldn’t want for a chance to actually PvP someone of your own faction, that one person that seems to grate everyone’s nerves, that you wish you could just call them out one day and settle it.  Those friends that switched because they wanted a change, those raiding guilds you would love to be a part of, but they are the wrong faction.

I think the time is right, we have fought common foes for many many years.  We don’t have to be best buddies, but we already share an AH, we certainly could share a city, much like Dalaran, or Shattrath.  We have seen the division in the Orcs clans in Draenor, why can we not have similar for the rest.  Let us have a Neutral city for a home to all.  Any players or guilds that wanted to be both could work to complete some tasks to to align themselves with the other.  I suspect I would lose a few people in guild if I was to propose a change such as this, but I am equally certain I would gain so many more.

The lines are blurred.  More often than not people have max levels on both sides, they have friends on both sides.  We all end up fighting the same bad guys in dungeons and raids.  Allow people the 3rd choice.

2 thoughts on “Cooperation

  1. More than a neutral faction, I feel like the whole faction-divide has outlived its use. Maybe it once mattered when World PVP somewhat existed and it can continue to serve PvP functions for dividing up battlegrounds or be a major feature in the stories, but I don’t think it needs to continue for purposes of PvE and guilds.

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  2. I also love to help out the random person, no matter the faction. It really makes the game more enjoyable.

    And while I love the idea of neutral stuff, I just can’t ever see it happening. At least, not at the PC level. The NPCs seem to get together often enough and work together, but for some reason we can’t.

    Even if we couldn’t have the permanent idea you are talking about, just the occasional raid or dungeon could be fun. And would often fit the story.

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