Still around, just have a big project in my mind. 

There really has not been a heck of a lot to talk about. I think the flying debate has blown over to a certain extent. Still a lot of in game issues, but they acknowledged there are problems. Time will tell. Even after 10 years they are still learning. And that’s a good thing. Means they are still looking at new ways to make things better. 
No what is on my mind is what would I have done differently with the Garrison feature. Would I have kept the core design, would I have made it more of a small outpost type of town with 3 levels of looks, and fixed building layouts that you unlocked. But had other players around you, not being isolated in trade chat. 

Or. What I am trying to get my head around. Guild housing. 

It can’t be game breaking, but should have some worth. Should not be any better for a huge guild or small, offer any rewards exclusive, yada yada yada. 

No. I think it should be a bit special. There should be a perk to working hard for something. I am not saying it should only be attainable by a small portion of players. But it should be more exclusive than someone’s banking guild. 

I would like to see and instanced compound similar to a garrison. The Alliance model looks most like what I envision. The horde one seems more spiky. For lack of a better word. It’s missing some flair. So what would I like to see. 

A modified guild banking system. A building for cooking with a meat locker for storing food. Guild members could buy prepared food buffs that someone in the guild had learned. Payable with tokens earned by depositing good baskets similar to Halfhill in MoP, by doing cooking dailies, or just paying gold. Should be some means for raid wide food to be made that I am still working on. 

Other professions should have similar things. Earn profession tokens by supplying materials that can be used to offset costs or purchase items outright. Again available items based on what people have learned. 

It would make finding that old tailoring chest armor for transmog easier. Gearing up alts would be less of a coordination issue with sending mats to people, finding enough with daily cool downs to make one thing. 

There should be a common room much like the Inn’s with an option to click on someone to have guild meetings and have NPCs rearrange furniture. There should be a hall of heroes where statues and tapestries and paintings of guild achievements could be viewed. 

The problems I see are it falling in to the same trap as the Garrison, where the convieience would discourage being out in town, or out in the world. It should not have an auction house or player banking. No class trainers either. I think the cooking and fishing would be ok. And bringing back profession quests. Especially if there were ways to get long gone recipes, or rare world drop ones. 

It’s an idea I think many would enjoy. I also think it’s full of potential issues. What I would really like to see is a small office in front for all. A “I need a guild” office. Where players could go in and scan a much improved looking for guild interface. Where they could sort by guild longevity, could see a readout of average amount of players on in 4 hour increments, could see raiding or PvP progress. Something much better than we have now. 

If you have any ideas on things you would enjoy seeing as a part, please feel free to comment. If you are pointing out negatives please be civil. I would hope that some day this could be a reality that many contributed to. 

One thought on “Still around, just have a big project in my mind. 

  1. Hi! I like your idea of guild housing/guild professions headquarter. Unlike garrison, I would love to see them as a (phased) building in capital cities. I imagine it as some kind of private inn where you can logoff and gain rested status, but without a hearthstone attached to it. Instead it might have some kind of summon feature that would replace the “have guild will travel” perk.
    I know some guilds are very well organized (and have good rules) as far as bank & mats are concerned, while in my experience the average guild always struggles when dealing with its players needs, especially for raiding purposes. For this reason I would welcome some sort of “build in” structure to help guild members share recipes & mats. A token system as you describe would be nice.
    Besides, with the guild levelling system removed, a “guild garrison” could offer new perks to be obtained through guild activities & achivements that would become visible through guild headquarter customization.
    It would be nice if guild garrisons were public: people from other guilds (or without a guild) could visit (without the ability to use the facilities!) other’s headquarters and get a visual impression of this guild and maybe even apply directly 🙂

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