It’s all about time

It all started going wrong when we came down out of the trees, and started wearing
Digital watches.

Looking all the way back to the beginning of wow, there really was not a lot to do. Leveling took time, gearing up took time, and by the time you were at end game 2 years later, there were still things to do. As the game has progressed people have created add on programs to help us play the game better certainly, but also to save time. Entire web sites exist solely for the purpose of doing the research for us to save us time. A few people Theorycraft, which saves us time figuring out what we should do to play our class.  So as a result, the game requires more things for us to do. Which requires more add on programs and research to help us do them faster, which requires more advanced add on programs and more research. Seeing all of the Master Plan comments about how lost people were without it, looking at my map of Tannan Jungle. It occurred to me this morning talking to someone, that it isn’t really the games fault at all. It is at its core, our fault. Our fault
for trying to find faster ways to do things easier. Our fault for demanding more and more faster. Until it has gotten to a breaking point. A point where people are becoming overwhelmed with the shear magnitude of things to do.  And we see them quietly walk away to play other games.

I have an older inexpensive off the shelf PC. I run at the lowest settings possible, my display of Tannan is green goop. I run very few add on programs to stay above 15 FPS. I have no idea what the game looks like at 100+ like some routinely play at. So with the lack of add on programs, activities in game take me longer. And it becomes frustrating to me as I see people zipping around from Rare spawn to rare spawn, having a great time farming content, when I am just trying to finish 1 quest that takes longer to figure out how to get to than to do the quest.  I looked over the map last night to see not 5 or 6, not 10 or 15, but so many rare skulls on my map it looked like a programing error.  Add on to that the treasures that are laying about, the map is cluttered to a point of absurdity.

But many people are very happy.  There are rares to kill, treasures to find, tons of things to do.  It just requires time.  I was thinking, why am I not enjoying all of this content, when so many others are.  Why don’t I have an army of Alt’s gold capping me prior to the patch, what is wrong with me?  Because I do not have the time.  I use to love to research playing my class, because of add on timers, and other means to keep track of things, my class has become a burden to me to play.  Until recently, when I found a guide written that made things more simple and in a manner I could play, I had resigned myself to never raiding again.  My numbers have improved, but I am still under performing to the expectations I feel I need to in order to not be a burden on the team.

I think we are coming to a tipping point, where people start looking at what will be required to play the game to a level they expect and how much it will cost them to do so, and the value they place on the game itself.  If Blizzard broke all of the add on programs, all the fancy UI mods, broke all of it, and sent us back to the stone age of gaming, would it be a bad thing, if they compensated by removing half of the things we feel compelled to do, and gave us the added time to actually have to think about what we have to do, instead of relying on programs and web sites to do it for us?

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