Guilds have been around for a long time, it is a concept not new to this game, it goes back hundreds of years.  In WoW they are to quote one definition

An association of people for mutual aid or the pursuit of a common goal.

They are a fundamental part of the game.  If we did not have them, I cannot think of how the game would have evolved to where it is now.  The discussion last night concerning BoE gear from raids, appears to have touched off a firestorm of comments and heated discussions.  It was just a small spark of a comment that touched off a powder keg of pent up frustrations concerning guilds and how they are run, how they pay for members to do things, etc.

In my guild, I have always offered repairs to members, because they make it what it is.  Those that raid have a higher repair level set.  It took me a long time to balance the outlay of gold for repairs vs the income from at first the Cash Flow perk, which was removed, and the gold for completing guild challenges, be it the once a week raid for 1000g, dungeons for 250 each, PvP, etc.  Those levels were fine for the gear in Mists of Pandaria.  The gear has started to climb in repair values, and that is starting to take a toll on players and guild that try to offer something back.

Yes for the first 8 months, we have all been raking in money, spending it like it would never end, and they took notice, they have reduced Salvage yard bonuses, the gold sinks did not remove enough from the economy, the WoW token did not either.  Now I am seeing people cap repair bills daily, I have seen a healer run 1 Mythic dungeon, only clear half, in an hour, and walk out with over 500g in repairs.  The guild cannot support those levels of repair bills for any length of time.  What will happen is I will be forced to reduce levels, or cut them off, people will for a time pay their own repairs, then they will start to weigh out is the cost equal to the reward and effort to get something.

I can see quite quickly guilds stopping first Mythic dungeons, raiding, and will watch as players leave the guild, and eventually the game, because it costs to much in their eyes to play.  Maybe they counted on selling 1 high value BoE a month to pay for their subscription, maybe they had their eyes set on a mount or some item.  When they feel they are losing, even virtual money, they will look for other things to do, to feel like they are wealthy.

Personally I feel either the repair costs need to be re-evaluated, or the guild perks need to be adjusted for the new expansion.  Either way, something needs to be done quickly before this becomes more of a problem.

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