The story to me is lacking

I’m doing my best. I’m trying to make 6,2 work. I have bought my first piece of gear with Apexis and paid the 20,000 to make it 695. That was all I had acquired since the beginning. In 2 days after dropping to 145 total, I am now back over 14,450. I know they admitted the original framework was not good. Maybe my impression of how much effort was required to get even 1 piece is still shaping my opinion. 

Looking over the reduced cost for Savage Blood, now 25 Primals, the 1 crafting pattern to raise crafted gear having at least that part lowered, the fact my profession output has doubled. Seems to show to me that were are not where the majority of us need to be with our gear. 

I look at it that once many saw the gold carrot laying about to just be scooped up, people rushed to raise and max as many Garrisons as possible, and stopped focusing on gearing these Alts. Just using them as a work force. 

There is nothing wrong with that. Except in how it skews data. They see an account with 7 level 100’s. One in high 660’s gear, and the rest in 580ish. How do we get people to play them. Well we can cut make those golden carrots a lot tougher to find. We can make it less viable to remain in the Garrison and move to new things. Add gear drop incentives to encourage people to play their Alts. And make them work for it. 

I always feel like I’m an outlier. I’m not looking to raid anymore beyond doing LFR, which I do wish was a different sentiment on my part. The gear my followers have given me so far should have made so a reality, the big issue is my class. And that is what I have to deal with. I am not in the catch up mechanics group either. I am in between. Not high enough to raid in my personal view. And not low enough that I need to do catch up things. 

Time walking was ok. It was just as I remembered doing the Dungeons when they were current to me 5 years ago. I see people having a grand time dusting off their Legedary weapons. And for a moment last night considered running ICC for a full set of gear to use the mountain of old Wrath gems, enchanting it all so that I could relive it how a Heroic Raider would have seen it years ago. But I thought, why?  I don’t need any of these dungeons for achievements. I have them all. Many times over. Doing 5 for 1 bonus roll?  I will probably head to Warspear today and buy my 3 for the week. And do the Tannan daily quests I need for today. 

I have done 5 days of them. I have completed a few chapters of a story I think. I turn in the quest and see I have gotten credit for it. But it doesn’t tell me anything. It has been 5 days of just go kill all the things, in mass quantities. I get that people are enjoying a focus to be out in the world. I can even see that they must have fine tuned so setting on graphics because some areas are a bit clearer. Maybe it’s the use of a Mission as a story telling device, in place of a quest with text flavor. 

I was never a Lore person. I read the quests and followed the story as I did it. Being in a zone like Tannan, getting a mission to go kill X amount of things, come back tomorrow and you kill more, does not have much appeal any more. Show me a short cinematic of World boss K, killing people, or that he has some evil plan, some thing to make me feel more than I am going there to punch him for a bag of gold or a piece of gear once a week. 

I am doing what I need to do to get to the end of the expansion. LFR will see 1 run through, if it is anywhere close to the last 2 raids. The naval battles with the chance to lose ships will only see me doing ones that are 100% because I do not have the time to log in early before work, or a laptop to log in at lunch or when I walk through the door before dinner. I get done what I can in the 3 hours I play each day. I wish there was more of a story behind the naval battles beyond the obvious that we need to break the blockade to get HFC naval missions for once a week gear drops. I wish they would just get out of their heads it’s not about gear, and stats, and doing things over and over chasing some unattenable to most Best in Slot set that gets replaced 6 month later. That is the game very few can ever win at. It is so far beyond the scope of play for me, that I do not even consider it in the wildest dream catagory. 

I just want to be able to work on the character I love to play. Play him well, read a good story, and beat the bad guys, and save the world.   

2 thoughts on “The story to me is lacking

    1. I gave it a spin awhile back. My computer did not like it. And it was a bit too much story for me. I realize from reading that the starting area was like that, but it just didn’t grab me.

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