It dawned on me

It dawned on me this morning that Blizzard is doing me a huge favor.  I am not an original day 1 player, not even a BC veteran, I started in mid Wrath.  I was always behind doing my own thing, having fun experiencing everything, because I knew, some day I would eventually catch up.  They have a tendency to keep tossing things in front of you as encouragement to catch up, be it faster leveling, or perks.  Eventually you do catch up, and then you are caught up in the constant pressure to keep up, to keep current, you don’t want to fall behind do you?  Here, look at all the shiny stuff you can get, you can do it, all your friends are, here, we will sweeten the pot.

Until one day you realize the pot is so sweet it tastes horrible.  And maybe your taste has chanced, and you want something a little more bitter.  And then one day you swallow that bitter pill, and make a choice to just step back and let it all go.  It is an odd feeling, making a choice to just say, I choose not to keep up.  I will do things in my own time.  When they dangle the golden carrot in front of you, making it bigger, making it more desirable, it is easy to say, ok, maybe just for a little while.  But it does not taste any better than the one you got before.

Making the changes they are making, makes it an easy choice for me.  I will run each LFR wing once.  See the story, and walk away to do other things.  When they offered gear possibilities that would make it easier to get in to a harder raid, to drop gear to make it easier etc, it was a chocolate covered carrot wrapped in bacon.  When it dawned on me that even that was not enough to get me to go into harder versions, I started looking at what I was doing.  Why was I not having fun.  Because there are so many subtle incentives to get into harder and harder raids, to get better gear.  When you raise the requirement to a point where the effort is greater than the reward, we all need to choose.

My choice is to use what ever “Fun” feature there is to become a powerful character, so I can enjoy a lot, or a little, of current content.  And if all that is available to me is doing things 3 or 4 tiers old, but having fun doing it, then that is what I want to do.  I do not want to play in a world where getting some thing, brings out the worst behaviors in people, all over a thing.  So you may see me riding about the current zones doing things, you may not, I may be running in to some older raid in a zone long forgotten, I might be alone, I may be with friends, but I will go where the wind blows me, and have fun playing a game.

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