Is 695 going to be enough

I think many are hinting that we will have just this content for about 8 more months. I had a long time player the other day tell me that’s it. I’m done. I will see you in the next expansion. I look at all I have not done yet in this expansion. Yes I gave Ashran a few weeks until they started trying to fix it. It is not enjoyable to me, so I don’t go. 

In only a short time I have managed to replace almost half of my gear with 695. I just finished the level 900 things for the legendary ring. Which does not feel all that legendary since all I have done for near 2 months is send guys out on missions to complete it. I am now on the 33 things part. And I think I will just let Garrison missions take care of it. 

The second wing of LFR opens soon, and I still have not done the first. There is nothing I really need from there, and apparently I will get Naval missions for LFR level gear anyway. I will probably wait until the last, then make one full run through the whole thing for the story. I have never in 6 years felt as unmotivated as I have in these last 8 months. Has it only been that long?  Feels like it is just a continuation of the final 18 months of MoP. And maybe that is a part. It’s the same story.  Not something new and fresh. 

Too often now I see comments that Wrath or Cata were the best expansions ever. Veteran players saying, you did not believe me about BC. See. You got what you wanted. A trip down memory lane. Can we move on now?  People even in my small corner of the world are polishing of world content in record time to get their flying, and many are done. No telling how long we have, but I think after the August 2 reset after the bonus rep weekend. 

The only place I will see improvement now is in a Heroic raid. And that will never happen. I do not have the skill or patience to do Mythic dungeons. 

So I will spend the last 8 months around 695. Because that is good enough for me. I do hope the next expansion brings the fire of desire to fight back for me. 


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