Communication matters

Saturday was a point that hit a nerve for me. Tweets and launcher messages indicating the Warcraft movie would be a topic at SDCC. Now I am not some Con veteran that knows without thought that this is the way they do things. We saw a Batman V Superman trailer from there, Star Wars pulled out all the stops. And a comment from the Star Wars panel struck home. The fans are what makes it happen. 

They missed a golden opportunity to put together even just one powerful line from each side. It could have been a 15-20 second clip and the fan base would have fed on it like a pack of wolves. We would have remarked about how awesome this movie is going to be, would have made plans to meet with other players for world premieres. It was a chance to light a small spark that could have grown into a raging fire of passion for the upcoming film, and rose colored glasses to look at issues many are having with the game. Instead a cold bucket of we never said those not there would see anything. 

And they are correct. I’ve read things from a pessimist view and they never did. Just as when they say at Blizzcon, if the future expansion we have plans to, we would like to, they are carefully chose words that make no promises. Only that, and I will give them the benefit of believing they really do, they really want to make these things happen. 

Most of the player base has 4-5 years under their belts. We have been here. We have learned to read between the lines. Even though we get our hopes up time and time again that we will see something alluded to, only to have our hopes laid bare and squashed. We continue to hope and believe. We are the fans. We grumble and complain because we are passionate about the game. 
But eventually, even for the most optimistic of people, a point is reached where they suddenly feel that they don’t matter. No matter how much they may love the game, that they cannot get excited for anything, until it is in front of them. 

What they, Blizzard, need to realize right now, is that there is a huge potential new crop of players on the horizon. They have never played the game. They will be picking it up because of what they saw in the movie. When they decide to stick around, they will start following CM’s on Twitter, they will start asking basic questions, how do I do this, what does this do. And just telling them to go to WoWhead or another outside resource is not going to be a satisfactory answer to them. A lot is going to fall on the shoulders of those of us with years of experience. We are the ones that will be giving them our opinions on things. You are creating a culture of distrust in how you say things, or worse, retreating behind the walls, only to step outside in force from time to time. We can see you are scared. Heck I would be if I had to talk to the 10’s of thousands of us everyday. 

Please sit down and come up with a new game plan on how you want to tell us things. You don’t need to hype us up. We are sold on the game.  Stop looking at a few special trees and instead look at this wondeous forest you have grown.  Stop cutting down trees to build bridges, only to burn them down later. Be very careful in how you word things. 

Thank you for reading. I’m Marathal, I use to be an optimist, now I’m a pessimist, but I hope some day to have reason to change back. 



2 thoughts on “Communication matters

  1. It was really annoying how there was not a glimpse of footage or a trailer available to the general internet public. In a Con filled with releases or leaks of trailers for other popular franchises in order to generate hype, the decision to keep it all hidden is… I don’t know anymore.


    1. They missed an opportunity, be it Legendary’s doing or Blizzard. If it was Legendary that made the call, then the people at Blizzard should have said something to them.

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