Mr. Jones gets it. The Warcraft movie. 

I’m sure many of you have seen the edited Warcraft movie poster showing Lothar in exceptionally large shoulders in true Burning Crusade fashion. Even a colorized version which reminded me so much of miss  matched armor sets and garish colors. Thank goodness for being a Shadowpriest.

Duncan Jones replied back to this humor with a bit of his own adding the infamous ! Above the head of Lothar.  Yes I do believe that he gets it. He understands what this game is for many. And I have high hopes the film will do well bridging the gap from game to well directed story. As I understand it there really is not a whole lot left to do before it is ready to be shown. So we have a bit less than 11 months to wait.

And it got me thinking. What little extra in the film would set it over the top for me. And oddly enough the first thing that came to mind would be a blooper reel after the credits. Oh certainly it’s been done. Done quite well in many instances. But I was thinking why not pay a tribute to the game itself in the form of timeless moments that would make us all smile and laugh. What moments could you possibly have. And I am sure the folks at Blizzard could probably rattle off a few hundred easily. But here are some scenes I think would make for a tribute to those of us that play or have played in the past.

1.  Lag/DC. Perhaps a scene in town where a group is discussing plans for battle, and just off to the side someone running in place. We’ve all seen them at one time or another.

2.  During a battle scene where one soldier defeats another and leans over and hugs the defeated opponent, and a little achievement Make love not Warcraft pops up on screen, followed by others standing around asking how did you do that.

3.  I doubt it would be possible but seeing cast armies part and Chuck Norris making a cameo, with someone asking,

Where you headed?

The Barrens.

4.  If we have a scene where a Mage polymorphs an enemy, to have an extra accidentally attack it, only to have Mr. Jones step in scene yelling cut, cut.

5.  An obvious one would be a bunch of soldiers outside by a door discussing armor and how would benefit from things, only to have Leroy Jenkins go charging by.

6. Someone brings the king a pony instead of a horse. When he asks where’s my horse?  I don’t know sire.  I was told this was promised to you.


I am sure some much more clever people than me could come up with some classic moments in Warcraft history that could make even the most jaded critic nod in approval.

So how about you. What would you want to see.


One thought on “Mr. Jones gets it. The Warcraft movie. 

  1. Hmm, good start of suggestions but I’m not sure what else seems like good references.

    I hope they have the voice-over guy from the opening scenes for new characters.

    Looting the corpse of an enemy might be a bit off-color but perhaps there is a way to play it funny? Kill a grizzly bear and pull out a full glass of milk?

    I don’t want it, but a night elf dancing on a mailbox seems necessary.


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