Wrath Timewalking

I ran two Wrath Timewalker dungeons last night. The first I had equipped myself with a complete set of what would have been extremely overpowered gear for a Wrath Heroic dungeon. Two piece Heroic tie set, a majority of 264 gear, filled 17 sockets with Wrath gems, and enchanted everything. This was going to be awesome. If I had this kind of gear back then I would have had tanks yelling at me to hold back. 

As it turned out, I was 2-3 in DPS, sometimes 4th. And by a good 20%. I really thought about it. Yes my character base stats should have scaled down, but none of the gear should have. I should have been on top by a large margin, provided the others in group were just in their WoD gear. 

So I did a second. This time I kept on my 691 Draenor gear. And while I was still 2-3, my numbers were a bit closer to the tank, who was first in both runs. This brought a thought to mind. Trying to adjust all of the gear available for Wrath, Cata, MoP, and now WoD would be a huge undertaking for sure. And least we forget the previous was BC dungeons. I would suspect, and I am going to try it at some point today, that gear does not matter. That they just arbitrailily assigned a cap value to anyone level 81 or higher and let it go. 

Now I had heard the Legendary cloak procs still applied, I do not have a legendary Wrath weapon to see effects, but overall it was just a meh kind of experience doing a run I have done so many times in the past that I instinctively knew where to go. 

It was nice to see so many new players in the guild getting achievements for dungeons they never experienced. But place me in the skeptic category for this feature. I am giving Wrath 5 runs, because they were the dungeons I enjoyed the most. Even Halls of Reflection once we had done it many times. 


2 thoughts on “Wrath Timewalking

  1. I just healed two and the tanks were super squishy. I don’t think it was me, I had 3 tanks and they all took heaps of damage. I’m wondering if the mechanics weren’t fixed to take into account the lack of dodge/parry etc on the tanks these days.

    Timewalking doesn’t appeal to me in general, I really ran them because I realised I could equip Val’ynar on my priest and actually use it for once. That bit was cool.


  2. I was running a mage who got one shot on a boss. Now, that isn’t odd in and of itself, but the healer swore up and down that nothing hit me. They posted their logs and tried to show that I was fine, I was fine, I was fine, and then suddenly, I drop 50% of my health, no apparent damage, and then get hit by the boss.

    I couldn’t read their type of log (not sure what add-on they had), but they were confident nothing hit me before the 50% drop. It does make me wonder about the gear situation.

    And Drea B above has a good point about dodge/parry being an old and important mechanic.


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