Do we really matter. 

Do those of us that don’t raid to the highest levels, those that do not compete at the highest PvP arena levels, that don’t have Twitch channels with hundreds of followers, etc. do we really matter. 

Do our opinions, thoughts, comments, suggestions, ideas, gripes, and blogs really matter?  Do the people at Blizzard only truly pay notice to those they feel are at a different level than your average player?  

We see on occasion people highlighted, certain streamers get special interviews or access to things, and there are times many of us scratch our heads and wonder, who are they?  When you feel you follow a great many people. And believe me there was a time I followed almost 2000. And that barely scratches the surface of people that play WoW involved in one form of social media or another.

 I saw the posting for the job at Blizzard as a Social media manager. And boy that was a laundry list of must haves on the requirements. Unfortunately, in my opinion, they won’t get the type of person they need. Oh certainly they will be able to find a few qualified. But it comes down to not necessarily having a figure to point at. But finding someone that is willing to listen to everyone. 

There is a small percentage of people that play aspects of the game at the highest levels. They are more than happy to demand harder, tougher, more time commitment content, push the envelope. And when they are the ones being listened to, the game is designed and tuned so that they are happy. These are the people that Blizzard feels we should be looking at and saying I wish I could play as good as them. Wow did you see the worlds first mythic kill video?  That was something. And you know?  5-6 years ago when the game was at its all time high, that may have meant something. 

Now we see hundreds of Twitch streamers all vying for views, subscribe to my channel, look at me. People that elevate themselves above the rest of the player base in hopes of getting some financial compensation for sharing what they do. 

The people I respect, are the ones that do what ever they do because they love the game. They share thoughts in blogs, they do pod casts, they give away artwork, they do it just because they like to share. 

I never expect to get any acknowledgement from anyone at Blizzard for the writing I do. I don’t even care if I have 10 or 1000 people reading my thought. All that has always mattered to me was trying to help people. All of the worlds first kills pale in comparison to helping 1 new player figure something out. Helping one person gain the confidence to push for a spot in a more focused raiding team, being there to listen to someone having serious problems, even something as simple as sending a few hundred gold to someone that has been saving for something special, and is just a little short. 

The most rewarding feelings I personally get playing WoW are when I try my best to help others. I saddens me when I see others put down because they cannot do something those at the top level do. Or feel that people that give of themselves freely, must have a motive. 

What they really need is someone that is willing to listen to all the players. Not just those in charge of big web sites, or the top guilds in the world. You need to listen to the person that has resigned themselves to just getting by. What is isolating them from wanting to do more. What is broken in the game that makes them feel they don’t matter. Because we all do. 


3 thoughts on “Do we really matter. 

  1. I’ve found over the last few years the developers have made more and more comments that show the player group I fit into isn’t their target market. i’m not part of the group of players they want to keep, or think deserve anything much in the game.

    Which both saddens and amuses me because I’ve been rocking along for 10 years, and I don’t want to go anywhere. But the more the game shifts to cater to a specific segment, the less I want to keep giving Blizzard money. Because if they don’t deem me worth their development time, why should they be worth my money?

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  2. “All of the worlds first kills pale in comparison to helping 1 new player figure something out…The most rewarding feelings I personally get playing WoW are when I try my best to help others. ”

    I could not agree with these two sentiments more. The whole post I agree with, but I strongly identify with these two imparticular.

    And Drea B too. Both of you are basically saying what I think.

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  3. As a casual player I dont feel feel the game is aimed at me / people like me. Might sound strange since so many people scream out loud that the game is to casual. But i dont feel there are many activities to do, as a casual / social player. There is just raids. Everything else is solo stuff, garrison and dailys. No events that can be fun. No cool quests that needs a couple of friends to do that holds some challenge. I never feel there is a need to lend a helping hand to a friend anymore cause everything is either solo or raids. I feel the game suited me better before even though I was a casual, then now. Not entirely sure why. I guess because I felt I always had tons of things to do before while now all i can see are queues and dailies. I guess as a casual, i dont want everything to be solo and easy, i like challenges, i like to do things in smaller groups, do shorter things then raids, more things around the world, i want to farm stuff out in the world not in my damn backyard. I want to kill rares, farm mobs for a super rare epic, find rare chests. Ok ive gone off topic. Missy signing off!

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