#blaugust you say?

It’s that most wonderful time of the year, where ideas are churning and PC’s are whirring, yes Blaugust is here!!!

I know me. I know the way my brain can be if I try to outline things in advance so that I can maintain a, oh look a squirrel, schedule. 😁. I will be doing my best to try to get a few a week. No promises. 

As for this evening I am spending my Friday night upstairs watching TV because Battlenet is being a fickle son of a hamster. I tried this Master Plan thing everyone raves about. It looks pretty, but I prefer my Garrison Missions add on. I like seeing raw percentage chance. Green Light/Red Light reminds me of playing in the street as a kid. 

As for WoW for me, I have now acquired every piec of 695 gear the jungle has to offer. About all I really need to do out there is run Kazzak once a week. A review of the Dungeon Journal reveals to me that I need to run Heroic HFC. LoL. Yeah. That’s not gonna happen. So pretty much aside from running LFR one full time over the next few weeks. Still have not decided if I even want that, I have wrapped up Warlords of Draenor. 

Yeah I know flying is coming soon and that may occupy me for a time collecting all of those pesky treasures up ropes and in trees. But sadly I will have about 6 months of biding my time picking old achievements to work on, and continuing to build up a gold reserve. I have a suspicion that the next expansion may be a bit more frugal on Blizzards part. If gold is more scarce, then people may be tempted to buy from the store. Hope I’m wrong. 

That’s about all I can think of. 

Have a great Blaugust all. 


One thought on “#blaugust you say?

  1. Really hope you are wrong about the gold. It has crossed my mind to. I havent played that much this expansion so i dont have much money. Like 5k herr and 2k there. I havr never been good at collecting / keeping gold. But them again it will give me something to do, no way in hell i will ever buy gold for real money from blizz… ever.

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