Is it enough


I felt like this tree yesterday, as waves of comments rushed by, enthusiasm for what is coming, all of the new things, all sorts of new things promised.  And saw the few negatives and comments about won’t believe until I see it.  The winds of opinion blow hard and fast some days.  For many what is coming is what they have been waiting for, the final chapter of when they recall the game being great, the last trip down memory lane.  And I am happy for them.  For me, all of this, Draenor, Legion, is all new.  And I am not alone.  There are a great many players that know nothing of the game prior to Wrath, or Cataclysm, or even Pandaria, except as content we breezed through in the speed leveling experience.

Yesterday I posted this image


And for me this is spot on how I feel.  We do have a lot of great things in game.  But for me, there are things missing.  And I know that I may be alone in this feeling, or maybe even have a few that share the sentiment.  There are aspects of game that I feel need improvement.  Aside from the Shadowpriest class, cough Celestation promised me a pony in Legion, we really do need a hard look at the fundamental aspects of the game.

More and more it is being steered towards being able to do things by yourself, more ways to group with strangers to get things done, less having to have a reputation, or friends, guilds, community.  I look at the Q2 sub loss, 5 million from launch, over 40% I have heard.  And yet the guild I have worked so hard at, to have a place for people to laugh and have fun playing a game together, is always near the cap, even when I routinely clear some long forgotten inactive alts, it quickly refills with people just looking for a place to be, where people talk and make jokes, and do things together.

As a GM, and believe me, this is not a job I ever sought out, or had ambitions to do, I see guild structures that have not seen any improvements since the start of Cata with the quild leveling addition.  The ways for guilds to earn money doing things together has not been changed since the start of Mists, the looking for guild interface is just a shambles, there are no special perks for having a guild with longevity other than having a good name for yourself.  There are no ways to place your guild in a pool for new players as a place to learn and ask questions to people that will actually answer them, and yet add on auto invite programs still run rampant.

Beyond that, there needs to be some way to encourage server participation, a way for people to create server events, even if it is only open to GM’s creating and inviting other GM’s to a discussion or event planning, there needs to be some way to get people to interact together as a community.  The one thing I have noticed, is that the feeling of belonging to not only a guild but a community as a whole has a lot of meaning to people.  It is the reason people will stay on a server with not great progression, what keeps them coming back to abandoned alts when they have taken their mains elsewhere.  People want to feel a part of things.

I may come off as a glass half full person at times but this is how I really feel.


I am trying to make due with what I have.  All I hope for is that eventually someone will add a bit more to refill it.  To offer improvements to what is important to me.


2 thoughts on “Is it enough

  1. There are a lot of things I’m looking forward to in Legion. I just hope it can deliver all they promised and more. Love that second image too. I wish more people felt that way.

    Just thought I would add something I tweeted yesterday too.


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