Some days.

Yesterday CM Lore and it appears others were set loose from the cages as it were and took to Twitter.  In reply to one post I made this comment,


12 hours later and I am still getting notifications I am tagged in.  Some comments of a tone I feel is responsible, to many outright torch waving burn all the things.  If you want to create an atmosphere where CM’s just really don’t want to deal with being treated like sub humans, just go on, keep badgering them in the way you see fit.  If you wish to make a point about why you feel something is wrong, using Twitter is not the answer.  Take to the blogs, or the forums, outline why you have an issue, and don’t just wave a flag proclaiming FOR REASONS!!

Last year, I made a comment directed at Ghostcrawler, and it quickly spiraled into accusations that I was demanding a thing.  Also, how dare I try to speak to a Blue.  As a result of all of it, and the feeling that I had about it all, I just deleted my Twitter account.  Looking back, I should have stayed and just moved on.  There are days when I say things and people laugh, or agree, even disagree, that I am proud of, because in some way I have had a positive impact on something.  Then there are days like last night where I am almost willing to go so far to say as I am ashamed at the way this community of players treat other human beings.

Do I have criticisms of the current expansion?  Certainly I do.  Probably quite a few things that to many are absolutely fine.  Do I try to  express an opinion?  Yes I do.  But I try to do so without using hate to fuel my responses.  I try to do what they ask us to do.  Outline why.  Expressing a dislike for aspects of a game because of feelings can be difficult.  But if you do, please try to show some respect.  You want to be able to talk to these people that quite honestly have jobs to do that do not involve talking to you on Twitter.  That they take some time during the day, or evening to interact with players, places them above a great many other games in my book.

Pretty much ask yourself, would I talk this way to a parent, or grandparent?  Would you expect them to reply in kind?


3 thoughts on “Some days.

  1. This is exactly why I deleted my social media accounts. I’m annoyed with the current state of the opposable-thumbs-wielding-bipedal-hairless-meatbags. So the blog-sphere is about as close as I get to a “social network” or forums.

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    1. I had thoughts to write something else but logging in this morning to 50 notifications was a “come on people, we’re adults” moment.


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