Oh irony, you’re a subtle one aren’t you. 

Reading some comments about raiders and PvPers and having to do quests to get flying and it occurred to me I was on the opposite fence in a slightly similar instance a year ago.

When they said at a certain date, you could no longer get the mount from killing Garrosh, I was on the side of those I know that had tried and worked so hard for months to get there, that were pugging group after group at the end to try to get it. And the statement was made, you had to work for it. If you really wanted it, you had plenty of time. Stop asking to be given something you didn’t work to get.

And now I see the other side. I did the work to get what I needed to do for flying. And there are people on the other side of the coin now. Raiders and those that PvP saying it is unfair they need to do content they have no interest in. Now granted. We are talking about 1 mount, vs being able to fly. But we are also talking about an activity that many knocked out very quickly.

I don’t know how I feel about this. For a PvP realm having world flying is a big thing. For the person that just sits in town and Queue’s for arena and BG’s maybe not so much.

I look at the minimal effort I put in to get what I need, the less than an hour a day, and look at comments made to me over the years about raiding only a few hours a week, and realize. Everyone has a different take on what they consider being a time sink as it were.

While I am tempted to take the stand of “You want the reward, do the work” that has been tossed at me in the past, I do see it from the other perspective now. I get it.

I just hope in the future, some restraint in comments is used by others when they are the ones with the thing, and I am the one without.


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