/2 you win

Last night I really did not feel like doing much in game, so I hung out in town, listened to old 80’s music and spent some time reading General and Trade Chat.  I reported so many people for spamming, language, and derogatory guild names, people making comments looking for a fight, people using racial slurs, and it really saddened me to think that these are the people that make up even a small portion of our dwindling population.  All servers have them, some worse than others.  I have seen comments from people that overall our joint server is very tame compared to many others.  I finally just gave up.  I logged out early without a word, and called it a night.

This morning as I drove to work I thought about all I had read, the years of reporting, and how it never seems to get any better.  I don’t mind the old X-Box jokes, to the Thunderfury spam.  It is part of the culture of the game.  But the need to push the limits, the need to try to create guild names that are just so over the top offensive that the person that created it should feel embarrassed they even thought to create it.

So I am giving up on you General and Trade chat.  I am walking away.


There comes a time when you just have to let the ship sink and take all those that have made it the way it is, drown together.  Maybe they will realize that all they have to talk to is those like themselves and decide to change.  I highly doubt it.  For what ever reason, boredom, lack of a challenge, or just because they feel they can do what they want behind the privacy of a computer screen, they can have it.  They win.


I am not your father, I am certainly not your mom.  I am an adult, I have played video games for longer than many of you have been alive.  We all share the same sandbox, but since you are determined to keep peeing in it and taking a crap in the sand, then I am choosing to get out to sit on the grass and enjoy the sunshine, even if it is by myself.  You want to have free speech in a video game?  You want to be as much of an ass as you wish you could be in real life?  Then knock your socks off skippy, you have won.  You get the prize of being able to say anything you feel like, and there won’t be anyone there to listen to you.




There is something to keep in mind also.  We all have limits.  I am coming very near mine with the manner in which many feel they can act, and not just in the chat channels, but also the behaviors of people in LFR, Dungeons, and the Forums.  I am one of the most patient and calmest person you would ever meet.  I will walk away from everything before I let anger get the better of me.



4 thoughts on “/2 you win

  1. I am right with you on this. And I know it is a community problem, not one Blizz can really solve. But I guarantee you Blizz could improve the environment if they wanted to. All it would take is a gm to drop in at random to trade chat on various servers, and hand out toxic behavior suspensions to the worst offenders. The word would get around very quickly that gm’s were lurking, and I think the overall atmosphere would improve a lot.

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    1. I agree with this 1000%. Most servers are joint now so a quick check of ones with high report rates could get a fast response. And doing it publicly in Trade would quickly get around.


  2. I don’t usually have Trade Chat going on my characters for the reasons you’ve mentioned – I think my IQ level drops quite a bit when Trade is in full swing, however, I’m finding the infection spreading to LookingForGroup as well, which kind of makes me sad. I do miss the old days when people were a bit more mindful of the things they said.


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