Mr. Metzen a question on system requirements

Good morning sir.

Yesterday I tweeted to you

with the new expansion, will there be an increase with minimum system requirements, and with faster expansions releases, are you concerned players may not be able to afford to keep up with the tech required to play. Does every player matter.

And I realize that is a very limiting format to pose a question to you that perhaps needs a more in depth explanation.

First, let me compliment yourself and the entire Blizzard Entertainment organization on creating such an engaging product in the World of Warcraft franchise.  I have played video games for near 40 years.  I have played tabletop, console, arcade, and PC games.  I do feel it is safe to say I am a gamer at heart.  The fact that you take the extra step in making your titles playable over a vast majority of PC abilities goes a long way to your commitment to making your titles available to the largest audience possible.  You are not looking at the person that picks up a game, plays a few months and moves on, you are doing all you can to entice people to play, and to stay.

With the Legion expansion, and the movie coming, will you be taking a larger leap forward in the technology required to play?  What I am asking is are we looking at an overall improvement that will be say a 10% higher requirement? 15%, 20%, will systems running Windows XP be the minimum, will 4 gigs of ram be sufficient?  I am sure those more tech savvy could articulate better than myself more specific questions.  My reality is that I played Wrath of the Lich King on the PC that we had purchased 2 years prior, it was not built for gaming, it was not the best experience, but it was all my wife and I owned, we had purchased a gaming computer for her to play. When Cataclysm was coming out, a quick look over the system requirements led me to believe I would need better, so we purchased a laptop, which lasted the majority of the expansion. At the beginning of Mist of Pandaria, it was apparent that it could not handle the game and the growing list of additional programs needed to play.  So we purchased yet another computer.  It seemed to have more than enough capacity, and not being much of a computer person, thought I had made a smart purchase.  I know a bit better now.  But now I am faced with a very hard decision.  On the one hand I do truly wish to continue playing, continue to run the wonderful guild I worked so hard to grow, to see all the things you have planned for us.  But the reality is that making a significant purchase, even as minor as spending $700 for a newer computer, is a major decision.  I am looking at a spending history of needing to replace every 30 months approximately.  And I honestly cannot afford to do so indefinitely.  I could spend a great deal more and purchase something that could last me 4 years or more, but it all works out to about the same financial commitment.

So when I asked Do all players matter, it was more of a general statement, in that I was asking will you continue to do all you can to make your games playable across as many ages of PC as possible, or should I just say thank you for 6 wonderful years of gaming, and dust off some older games laying about and wonder what I am missing, the advances in the game, the exciting encounters, and the people.

Thank you sir.  I do not expect that this will be read by yourself, although I can hope.  Have a great day.

Marathal, GM of <Fates Call> US Borean Tundra.


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