Less is more

Less can be more, more is just well more.  If you imagine building a pyramid upside down


you keep adding more and more to the top.  And as you do the lowest part sink into the sand never to be seen again.  No matter how well you construct the entire structure, eventually at some point it will start to tip over, and people jump off, and for a time it will remain balanced, but eventually it becomes so top heavy that the entire thing collapses.  Every expansion we see more things added, more things to do, and a few more things are lost to the sands as the shear weight of all the content buries more and more.  Adding more and more layers to the pyramid does not make it better, it only spreads out further and further with so much area to cover, people spend less and less time trying out more and more.


they have lasted thousands of years, why? because they have a solid foundation.  When you refine and improve what works well, shedding the ideas and features that just did not work, eventually you will reach the pinnacle.  A point where you just cannot go any higher.  Perhaps that time has come and gone.  I don’t honestly know.  But when you start removing parts of the base of you grand pyramid in order to build new ones, you compromise the base structure, weakening it to a point where it will collapse.

And that is what I personally feel is happening.  I understand that the company needs to grow, to venture into new games, new titles, it has to grow as a whole.  Borrowing from WoW to not necessarily make other games but tempting people away with tie ins to the game, here try Hearthstone, to sweeten the deal win a few matches get a WoW mount, Buy WoW pre order, get Diablo for free, you are undermining your own title by encouraging players to go play your other games.  If all that matters is the bottom line, how much money can the company as a whole make as fast as possible, longevity of the games be damned then please keep going as you are.  Eventually it will look like this


a lone tree in the dessert.  There will be a vast area but everyone will be scattered so far apart, they will be nomads wandering from game to game, searching for what they once had.  Eventually they will be tempted away to greener pastures.


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