No News is Good News. No, no news is no news

Brewfest started yesterday.  I spent the late afternoon and evening watching TV.  I probably should have logged in, but there wasn’t all that much reason too.  I’ve been thinking about raiding.  Why during Dragon Soul at this point I was trying to get in there, why I kept running LFR.  It occurred to me.  I used LFR to purchase Valor gear, and get drops from, ran heroic dungeons to get the necessary gear I felt I needed in order to raid without feeling like I was being carried.  And when I had trouble with fights I would go back to LFR and pay attention to what was giving me issues.  Eventually I waited until the first 10% nerf, went back in, advanced further, got stuck, waited, another nerf, went back, almost to the end, eventually downed Deathwing.

I think in my mind the philosophy, you can gear up to a point outside of raiding where nerfs are not needed may be flawed?  I don’t know.  But the veryfew times I have tried raiding on Normal, have felt beyond me.  I have felt like there is just so much to track so many things happening that it is not just a challenging fight, it is adding additional stress to me to even consider stepping in.  I routinely turn down people to even run Mythic dungeons because of the fear that it will be too much.

Maybe I am just getting old.  Maybe giving me all the gear I could possibly want outside of raiding so I can do things outside of raiding has turned me off more.  I don’t really know anymore.  As I suspected flying did not open up huge amounts of things to do.  Just made navigating to areas simpler.  The highlight of the entire weekend was helping a few hunters defeat Fel Rangari Annara for the potion thing they needed to tame a pet.  I bought the bag of gold in Booty Bay, went back to town and there was no one around to share.  Org was a ghost town.  I never see it that empty, I thought perhaps I was cross realmed to a low pop server.

And I thought driving in today.  What is the point of no return, what is the magic number where they decide, subs have dropped to a point where it is cheaper to pull the plug.  4 million?  2 million?  As massive as the game has been, surely there is a rock bottom that will end it all.  Maybe that day is years from now, maybe it is at the end of Legion.  They are the ones that know, and there is not a lot being said a month and a half to Blizzcon and the lack of any news, perhaps to keep a huge reveal under wraps is a bit telling.  We all live for tid bits to be released, things to keep us guessing.  Not saying anything leads us to wonder what could be wrong, will Legion be delayed.

Only they know, and they are not talking


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