Does it really matter, or is it just an exercise in futility

Every day, people blog, do live streams, podcast, post on forums, post to Twitter, Facebook, any number of platforms.  WE talk about our likes, our dislikes, ideas we have for making improvements, explanations for what we feel is wrong.  People agree with us, disagree, come up with better ideas because reading what we wrote gives them an idea.  But at the end of the day, does anything we say really matter?

I’m sure like many, I like to hope that some day I might have some grand insightful thing written that will catch the attention of the cousin of the gardener of the guy that delivers mail to the Aunt of someone at Blizzard and what I have written gets read.  Does it really matter if it does?  Not really I guess.  These are just random thoughts I have.  I am not some great writer, not some game designer with years of knowledge to draw on.  I am just an older guy that has played video games since they became a thing.

World of Warcraft has the record of being the game that has held my attention the longest.  It was, is, my first MMO.  I like to talk about it, I like to read others views on it, whether I agree or not.  And a few people read what I write, whether they agree or not.  But I sometimes wonder if this is me.


Just talking to myself, and maybe a few other people.  If doing any of this matter one bit.  It would be nice to see even a vague comment from the people at Blizzard that while they cannot divulge which blogs they may read, or even if they read any at all, that maybe, just maybe, they do read them, maybe they do look at what is being said by not just the people most prominent, the ones discussing the game at the highest levels, but maybe that there is a chance, that some day someone will slip in, and say, hey, read your blog today, you made some good points, some bad, but I will definitely keep what you mentioned in mind at the next meeting we have to talk about this.

I could probably write 500-1000 words a day without giving much thought to what I write, just random things in my mind about the game.  But some days, I wonder why should I.  Only a handful of people read this stuff.  Is it all just an exercise in futility.  But then that little voice tells me, that maybe, just maybe, It does really matter.


3 thoughts on “Does it really matter, or is it just an exercise in futility

  1. I’ve had the same thought many times. I always come around to the same conclusion — that I write for myself, and sometimes what I write strikes a thoughtful note with a few others. But it does feel lonely, exactly like your little meme picture.

    One of the most puzzling obstinacies about Blizz is their absolute refusal to engage with their players in any kind of organized, professional way. This is just unbelievable for a company as large as Blizzard, to say nothing of larger corporate ATVI. It would take so little to do — hire a tech-savvy communications director, give him or her a small staff, make sure they are privy to the right info, and let them be the interface with players, bringing in “guests” (devs) once in a while for especially technical discussions.

    Meanwhile, please don’t give up, I like reading your thoughts on the game. 😃

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  2. I don’t know if any of them read blogs, and, if they did, I don’t know how much blogs affect what happens at the corporate level. It certainly can’t hurt anything to put your opinions out there. As you’ve undoubtedly already seen, it often helps you see who holds the same general views and values you do, and that in itself is helpful, I think.

    But even if no one else reads it (and I have a Warcraft/comics blog no one reads, so I speak from experience — ha!) writing helps us sort out our own thoughts. Often, I don’t even REALLY know how I feel about something until I work it out in writing. So even if you’re writing only for you, and maybe a small group of others, it’s worth it. 🙂

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  3. Blogs and diaries are a place to organise and refine one’s thoughts. Blogging to communicate those ideas requires an audience which is beyond your control therefore you should blog for your own benefit, not to enlighten the masses with your wisdom.
    Bashing out words to meet an arbitrary word-count is a chore with no purpose. It is the thought process that matters just as much if not more than the final article.

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